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Radiator FAQs

For help selecting the right radiators, positioning radiators in the most efficient way, and keeping them in prime condition with proper radiator maintenance - discover answers to the most commonly asked radiator questions.

Comprehensive Guide to Buying and Installing Thermostats

Buying the right thermostat for any home or installation is vital. A good thermostat can make all the difference in terms of home comfort, and can save users some serious money on their energy bills.

Underfloor Heating Buying Guide

Underfloor heating has become an increasingly popular over the years, with plumbers seeing greater demand for UFH system installations than ever before. Our comprehensive guide takes you through everything you need to keep you and your customers informed.
Underfloor heating

Thermostat FAQs

It’s hard to think of a single device that has more of an impact on energy bills than a thermostat. It alone controls over 60% of a household’s energy bill - so investing in the right thermostat is crucial.

Heat Pumps FAQs

Simply put, heat pumps work by extracting heat from the air, ground, or water. Once extracted, this heat is then compressed into usable heat that is sufficient enough to warm a building.

Everything you Need to Know about Water Softeners in 2023

If you’re thinking of installing a water softener to enhance your home, our helpful guide will take you through the main types of water softener available, and important considerations whilst buying.

The Radiator BTU Calculator

When choosing the right radiator for your system to ensure your property is being heated up efficiently, it is arguably as important to consider the correct BTU as it is the design, style or finish.

Changes in Boiler Legislation

With the challenging goal of reducing carbon emissions to zero by 2050, the UK government has announced sweeping legislation to encourage the usage of renewable heat sources in UK homes.

The Many Benefits of 'Green Plumbing'

Plumbing professionals around the UK are quickly discovering an increasingly ‘green’ aspect to their job. Environmental consciousness is becoming a top priority for customers, and plumbers need to understand how to best serve their needs.
Installing solar panels

Why Installers Should Talk to Customers about Water Softeners

Water softeners may answer the call for customers who live in hard water areas, making household appliances and heating far more effective and cheaper to run.

Should You Lower Your Boiler Temperature?

The average household can save around 12% in gas consumption, just by lowering the heating flow temperature on their condensing combi boiler by a few degrees.

Copper Pipes: The Sustainable Solution?

 Industries across the globe are racing to reduce waste and increase sustainability, and the plumbing industry is no exception.
Copper pipes

Radiator Selection and Placement Guide

This guide serves as a helpful refresher on the modern radiators available to install, and the best practices to keep in mind when planning where to put them.
Column radiators

Water Softener FAQs & Guidance

The ‘best’ water softener completely depends on your usage. Our helpful guide will help you choose the right water softener for your needs.

Should You Turn Your Boiler Off Before Going on Holiday?

A simple Google search reveals that everyone and their dog has a differing opinion on whether or not you should turn your boiler off before going on holiday.

Reduce your Bills with An Energy-Efficient Boiler

Your old boiler could be costing you more than you think. Find out how much you could save with an energy efficient boiler.
Energy Efficient Boiler Blog at City Plumbing

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