The Many Benefits of 'Green Plumbing'

Published: 22 Aug 2022 ・ Read time: 7 mins
Plumbing professionals around the UK are quickly discovering an increasingly ‘green’ aspect to their job. Environmental consciousness is becoming a top priority for customers, and plumbers need to understand how to best serve their needs.
Plumbers aren’t the only ones – many roles that did not previously have an eco-friendly aspect now require environmental skills and awareness.
In order to adapt, professionals need to understand all kinds of new technologies – for plumbing, that includes eco-tech such as solar water heating and ground source heat pumps.
Let’s take a closer look at the idea of green plumbing, and what it can offer you and your customers.

What is Green Plumbing?

Green plumbing refers to the strategies and techniques used in plumbing that can help your customers reduce energy consumption and save money in the long term. This is done by installing products that lower energy and water usage, and don’t use any chemicals that may cause harm to the environment.
The green plumbing movement is a step towards a more sustainable future, with plumbers and their customers seeing the long-term benefits that sustainable plumbing has to offer.
Customers are increasingly enamoured by green plumbing, thanks to a number of key benefits. These benefits include:
  •  Cheaper monthly bills – Many customers are willing to pay plumbers more upfront if it means they save money in the long term. With financial instability looming over the world, many are looking to prepare by reducing their spending on monthly bills and outgoings. 
By installing environmentally friendly plumbing solutions, customers are not only saving the planet – but saving their bank accounts, too.
The average UK household uses around349 litres of water each day. By installing appliances that use less water, customers can save hundreds of pounds on their water bill, whilst reducing the strain on water supplies.
  • Decreased environmental impact – Green plumbing appliances allow households to minimise ecological disruption, without having to give up the comforts and conveniences their plumbing appliances provide.
By using less energy and water, customers can help curb pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and fossil fuel usage.
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The Role of Green Plumbers

Now we know why customers are seeking green plumbers, let’s talk about the value green plumbers can provide (hint: it’s more than just knowing how to install heat pumps).
Plumbers who are trained in green technology do more than just energy-efficient appliance installation. Experts in the green plumbing space have undertaken rigorous training and research, increasing their knowledge of new technologies to better understand and serve the environment - as well as their customers.
Contractors and professionals who specialise in green plumbing continually educate their customers, seeking out the most effective ways they can save money and reduce fossil fuel reliance on a case-by-case basis.
Below are some common strategies that green plumbers are capable of implementing. If you’re looking to transition towards the green plumbing industry, it’s worth becoming well-versed with the following:
  • When renewables can’t be used, install energy-efficient water heaters – namely tank-less water heaters (combi boilers) that don’t need to keep reheating water throughout the day
  • Installing fixtures, fittings, and accessories that use less water – such as low-flow toilets, low-flow or aerated showers, leak monitoring devices and flow regulators
  • Identify and fix plumbing issues without relying on harsh chemicals
  • Perform detailed water audits, calculations, inspections, and reports
  • Installing reuse greywater systems
  •  Installing rainwater capture and filter systems
  • Recycling and reusing any waste materials
  • Purchasing raw materials from suppliers that promote green practices, e.g. regenerative timber
  • Educating customers about water efficiency and how to reduce usage / costs
  • Using new and innovative software tools to increase efficiency
  • Focusing on reducing greenhouse gas emissions wherever possible
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Key Takeaways

Green plumbers are the next step in the evolution of plumbing. Whilst plumbers will need to retain the knowledge in order to maintain and service older boilers for many years to come, customers and clients are increasingly turning towards energy efficient plumbing, with demand at an all-time high.
All plumbing professionals require a trusted supplier that can keep up with demand and offer the latest in green plumbing supplies. By opening a City Plumbing trade account, you’ll not only have access to on-hand expert support, next-day delivery and our handy new job list feature – you’ll also have access to exclusive offers & discounts, too.

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