From £3.95 ex VAT on Osma Soil & Waste at City Plumbing
For all of your plumbing needs, choose City Plumbing Stocking a wide range of tools and supplies to assist with your plumbing task at hand you needn’t look no further. Understanding the difficult tasks associated with plumbing allows us to be prepared for all plumbing emergencies, from spontaneous pipe leaks to damaged guttering. Enabling you to quickly resolve these issues is our top priority. It is why we offer click and collect to over 300 stores across the country.
We have free click and collect across our branches nationwide allowing you to quickly order and collect items without lengthy wait times. Buy from a plumbers merchants you trust.
We have a selection of plastic, copper and brass pipes to choose from when refitting boilers or new heating systems.
Our soil and waste solutions cover an extensive range of plumbing fittings like traps and soil pipes to kitchen, bath and basin wastes.
To complete all jobs to the highest specifications we supply a large selection of plumbing consumables – solders, fluxes, sealers and compounds, pipe clips and washers. Although small, these parts are vital to any plumbing job.  
Our guttering and draining solutions are available in Ogee guttering, square line and round guttering options. They can be used for commercial and domestic properties. Each range comes complete with a set of guttering accessories and parts. These range from internal right and left hands, angles, hanging and rise fall brackets. All parts can be bought separately too, meaning if you need to replace individual parts like damaged stop ends or an old running outlet you are able to do so without replacing the whole unit. 
Water treatment systems are available as a full pack to be more efficient, while the individual components can be purchased separately to save money if you only require one or two items like a filter or the chemicals.
Avoid doing a job twice by purchasing the right tools every time. 
With everything available all under one roof, you will find all the plumbing equipment you need to complete the job. Whether you need pipes, valves, fixtures, or tanks - you will find what you need online or at one of our 370 branches across the country. 

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