Great prices on UltraGrime Pro Multiuse Pack at City Plumbing
We stock a large number of products online and in branch using trusted brands like Adey & Sentinel in chemicals, filters and inhibitors.
It isn’t always easy to procure the precise equipment needed for efficient and effective water treatment. That is why, at City Plumbing, we offer a wide selection of filters, chemicals, water treatment packs, scale reducers, water softeners, and powerflush machines, depending on what it that you need to achieve.
If you are looking for water filters then, here at City Plumbing, we have large selection of filters for you to choose from. We only believe in supplying the best possible filters, which is why we stock filters from some of the leading filter brands. These could be from Adey, Fernox, Plumbright, Sentinel, or Ideal. We provide both compact and magnetic filters, to suit any plumbing project. 
Likewise, we stock a whole selection of water treatment chemicals. Once again, these come from top brands to ensure the quality of the chemicals – whether that is Fernox, Sentinel, Adey, or 4Trade. We supply chemicals for water including protectors, cleaners, heat transfer fluid, thermal fluid, leak sealers, inhibitors, and even rapid flush system cleaner. No matter what it is you need to achieve, we have the chemicals you need at an affordable price.
Of course, we also offer packs that contain both filters and the chemicals needed to keep them clean.
It is sometimes the case that you need to change the quality of the water itself. You may find yourself needing water scale reducers, or even water softeners. If you do, we have a selection of both to suit your needs. Our scale inhibitors are produced by LIFF, AquaDial, Adey, CalMag, or Sentinel. We offer compact varieties, to help reduce both magnetic and electrolytic scale. Alternatively, we have a selection of refill packs depending on what it is you need.
Within our collection of water treatment methods, here at City Plumbing Supplies, we also have a selection of water softeners and powerflush machines. The water softeners we supply are designed to provide an economic solution to hard water, with electronic and granular salt methods available.
Finally, our powerflush machines are a great way to improve how efficiently you can treat your water. We stock the Adey MangaCleanse Complete Solution Kit, which has everything you need in one handy pack.
Here at City Plumbing Supplies, we are dedicated to helping you make the most out of your plumbing project, whatever it may be. With free delivery on all orders over £50, and with over 300+ branches across the country, we have put your convenience at the very core of the City Plumbing experience. You can order online or click and collect at a nearby branch.

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