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Sealant and Adhesives from City Plumbing Supplies. We offer a range of solutions fit for any job, including adhesives, tiling accessories, tile adhesives & grout, fillers & foams, tapes, and sealants from the UK's leading brands.

Sealants & Adhesives

No matter what sort of job you are undertaking, whether a professional installer or builder, or whether you are conducting your own project at home, it is important to have the right tools to hand. Not only does this mean the right hardware, but it also means ensuring that you have the right sealants or adhesives to complete your job as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is for this reason that here, at City Plumbing, we have a whole array of sealants and adhesives, from Gorilla Tape to tile grout, to make sure you have the right product in your hand when you need it.
No matter what it is, we have a sealant or adhesive for the job. We have a wide range of all-purpose sealants, sanitary sealants, glazing sealants, and specialist sealants to ensure you can seal whatever plumbing you need to. We stock only the best brands on the market, including 4Trade, Everbuild, Dow Corning, and Mapei. From windows to bathroom fixtures, we have the right sealant for you.
Aside from sealants we also offer a whole range of other adhesives vital to bathrooms, kitchen, or general household use. From solvent free super glue to building standard PVA. We stock Unibond, Loctite, Gorilla, and 4Trade brands within our range of fix and repair adhesives.
If you are looking at tiling or retiling a kitchen or bathroom, then you will be needing all the tools and adhesives needed to ensure a neat finish. It is for this reason that we have collected together everything you need to complete the job. From tile adhesive to cement to grout (depending on the precise wall or task at hand) available in a variety of colours.
Alongside grout, sealants, and adhesives we also stock a range of foams and fillers to help complete any task. From fire cement to expanding foam, we have a selection of products available, designed to make your life easier.
No matter what it is that you need to complete the job at hand, we, at City Plumbing Supplies, have everything you need to complete your task as efficiently as possible. It is for that reason that we offer free delivery on all orders over £50. Alternatively, we have over 360 branches spread up and down the country. You can purchase our supplies in store, or you can click-and-collect for added ease. Discover our full range of sealants and adhesives today.

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