Great prices on Polypipe Plastic Plumbing at City Plumbing.
We supply products from leading plastic manufactures such as Mcalpine and Hep2O. Our domestic range includes overflows, solvent welds and traps to meet your jobs needs.
Soil and Waste Pipes are an important part of any bathroom or kitchen project. No matter whether you are installing a sink, a toilet, a bath tub, or a washing machine, waste water needs to be properly managed. This is why at City Plumbing, we stock a large variety of soil and waste pipes to suit whatever need you have.
We have a wide supply of Osma, Polypipe, FlowPlast, Wavin, and McAlpine pipes, along with many other well-known brands. Made out of ABS, PVC-U, PVC-C, and plastic, we have waste pipes for every situation. Robust, strong, and able to fit any task you have.
Alongside the physical piping itself, we have everything needed to connect the pipe to the source. Whether that is a bathroom sink or a toilet, we have pan connectors, air admittance valves, traps, soil pipes, soil pipe fittings, boss connectors, overflow waste pipes, kitchen sink wastes, bath wastes and basin wastes. No matter what it is you require, we stock everything you need to complete your next plumbing task easily and efficiently.
No matter what plumbing task you are undertaking, we have the waste or soil pipes for you. Made out of the highest quality material, by some of the best brands on the market, our collection is guaranteed to have everything you need.
Here at City Plumbing Supplies we take our job very seriously. We see it as our duty to make your life as easy as possible. It is for this reason that we offer free delivery on all orders over £50. There are also over 350+ City Plumbing Supplies branchs spread across the country, offering both stock on demand and with the ability to click-and-collect at some stores. Find everything you need from City Plumbing Supplies today, and complete your next plumbing job with ease.

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