Should You Lower Your Boiler Temperature?

Published: 18 Oct 2022 ・ Read time: 6 mins
A recent study by The Heating Hub shows that the average household can save around 12% in gas consumption, just by lowering the heating flow temperature on their condensing combi boiler by a few degrees.
What’s more, a coalition of more than 100 Conservative MPs are advising that homeowners should be told how to turn down their boiler flow temperature by energy suppliers and the professionals who regularly service their heating systems.
The recommendation is part of a three-point plan put together by the Conservative Environment Network (CEN), which also includes additional funding for the boiler upgrade scheme and increased insulation for the most vulnerable households.

Should I Reduce the Boiler Flow Temperature?

Industry experts state that the average household could shave eight percent off their energy bills by reducing the temperature on their boilers. They believe around half of all UK households have their flow temperature unnecessarily high – and that any boiler with a flow temperature of 80ºC or above should reduce their temperature to 50 or 60ºC.
50-60ºC should not require the homeowner to sacrifice on comfort or practicality, and can save a fairly large amount of energy year-on-year.
Some energy companies, such as Octopus Energy, are already advising their customers on how to lower their flow temperatures. They’re claiming the following temperatures are optimal:
·         Combi Boilers - 50ºC for heating, 55ºC for hot water
·         Boilers with hot water cylinders - 60ºC (in order to prevent Legionella bacteria)

Considerations when Reducing Boiler Temperatures

It’s incredibly important that all boilers are set up to work as effectively and efficiently as possible.
Above all else, safety must come first. This means strictly following the guidelines set by each boiler manufacturer.
If it’s possible to lower the flow temperature whilst ensuring the boiler will run in a safe, efficient, and lasting manner, then it’s definitely worth doing. Whilst many energy companies are advising consumers on how to lower their flow temperatures, feel free to ask any gas safe registered plumber or boiler professional for a practical demonstration during routine boiler check-ups.

The CEN Three-Point Plan

Alongside reducing the flow temperature of existing boilers, the CEN are also calling for the government to insulate over half a million households at risk of fuel poverty. They are asking for an additional £1 billion per year in order to further extend the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) to fund insulation.
What’s more, the CEN calls for additional funding to further the Boiler Upgrade Scheme. They’re looking to vastly increase the amount of heat pumps installed by 2025, from 90,000 to 775,000. 
If this plan comes to fruition, many customers will be able to upgrade their heating system to something far more economical and environmentally friendly with the help of a government grant. Keep your eyes peeled on the City Plumbing blog for the latest updates on government funded grants and schemes.

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