Reduce your Bills with An Energy-Efficient Boiler

Published: 24 Mar 2023 ・ Read time: 5 mins
As the UK springtime began with heavy snowfall, attention once again turned to home heating options. With energy bills at their highest, finding ways to heat your home inexpensively remains a priority. Yet, the biggest culprit of high energy bills for many is often an old, worn-out boiler. 
This is the time of the year when many people realise their boiler is on its last legs! If your boiler is over 10 years old or often breaks down, your radiators may be underperforming. This means you could have a heating system that just never quite works properly when you need it the most. 
Unfortunately, rising energy bills show little signs of slowing down anytime soon. So, now's the perfect time to consider replacing that old inefficient boiler with an energy-efficient model. Here at City Plumbing, we have 1000s of boilers now back in stock. So, there's never been a better time to change to an energy-efficient model.

What Is an Energy-Efficient Boiler?

The most cost-efficient way to heat a home is with an energy-efficient boiler. An energy-efficient boiler is one that usefully uses the most energy to heat your home. Its efficiency thus lies in the percentage of the total energy it uses to provide such heating. 
As we pay for 100% of the energy we use, we need to ensure our boiler's efficiency is of the highest percentage. This ensures we get the maximum heat from it, thus heating our homes more cost-effectively long-term. 

Will a New Boiler Be More Efficient?

When choosing a new boiler, selecting an energy-efficient model will help lower your annual gas bills. Energy-efficient boilers will offer several benefits such as:
  • Improved installation process - quick and hassle-free
  • Increased performance with an 'A' Efficiency Rating
  • Over 90% increased efficiency in comparison to older models
  • Vastly reduced gas consumption
  • Water waste reduction
  • Optimal efficiency when heating demand is low
  • Powerful performance at a reduced cost
  • Much quieter when in operation
  • Instantaneous hot water
  • A reduction of household CO2 emissions
  • Energy bill costs cut, with as much as 30% savings on annual bills
  • Visually clearer display panels, easier for homeowners to operate
  • Wireless connectivity for improved control (in some models)
Benefits of an energy efficiency boiler with City Plumbing

What Are the Best Energy Efficient Boilers?

City Plumbing offers a vast selection of the best energy-efficient boilers for homes from industry-renowned brands. Each boiler we stock has its own perks and advantages, so it's always worth viewing our extensive range to find the right model for your home.
We've picked out two incredibly efficient models which are fantastic all-rounders and perform well in any home - the highly sought-after Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 Boilers and the top-performing Vaillant ecoTech Combi Boilers

Considered the nation's favourite boiler, this Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 is a 24kw LPG boiler. Quiet in operation, from 42 dB (A), it boasts some of the most real advances in fixing flexibility and is informed by installer insights. The Greenstar 4000 takes all the fantastic features from the 8000 series and improves on them immensely. 
The installation of the Worcester 4000 is the simplest of tasks with a pre-piping jig that offers rear piping as standard. What's more, long flue lengths are flexible with as much as up to 12m. To reduce the risk of freezing, a 500ml integrated condensate syphon is included. 
This model comes complete with a seven-year guarantee. Yet, this can be extended to eight when installed with any Greenstar system filter. 
This is a high-end design that boasts an intuitive full-colour long-text display, making it so easy to use. Better still, with a heat output of 24kw and a wide modulation range, this boiler is designed to optimise efficiency when heating demand is low.
Shop the Worcester Bosch 4000 range at City Plumbing
Shop Vaillant Ecotech boilers at City Plumbing

Simple to both install and operate, the 843 benefits from an ErP A rating, for both hot water and heating efficiency. This boiler promotes intelligent consumption and output management. It also offers the most optimal running cycles and low-energy pump action.
Combi boilers are smaller yet more economical boiler types, and such efficiency is a top priority in the Vaillant ecoTec model. This boiler enhances efficiency with its lower flue temperatures. It also optimises the gas-air ratio for best combustion and reduced running costs. Yet, better still, long term, this boiler is sustainable as it's future-proofed for biogas.
An in-built intelligence via the wizard makes setting this boiler up the simplest of tasks. And, high hot water flow rates and a quiet operation performance ensure greater end-user comfortableness. 
For peace of mind, the Vaillant ecoTEC offers a five-year guarantee which can be increased to 10 years when registered and fitted with a filter.

An Energy-Efficient Boiler Replacement Is the Perfect Upgrade for an Old Boiler

Many old boilers will struggle to get through the temperamental UK weather and need to work harder, resulting in even higher energy bills. Over time, the older designs of some boilers can also make them difficult to find parts for, posing a risk of repeated breakdowns. It can take longer for the parts to arrive or you may even find them discontinued, thus being without heat and hot water. We always recommend installing a new boiler on your own terms - rather than spending even more money when your old boiler decides to stop working.
A central heating system is still considered to be the cheapest way to heat a house right now. Yet, for many, this will mean installing an energy-efficient boiler to replace an old or inefficient one.
So, if you're looking to reduce your monthly heating costs and help the environment whilst you're at it, take a look at the City Plumbing website. With an incredible selection of energy efficient boilers in-stock and ready for installation, we can help you heat your home cost-effectively for years to come. This will help you enjoy the comfort of your home once more, without worrying so much about rising energy bills!
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