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Air Source Heat Pumps

Searching for a cleaner, more cost-effective heating solution? An air source heating pump extracts heat from the outside air and transfers it to warm your home. Browse our full online range today.

What heat pump air source products can I buy from City Plumbing?

We take pride in offering quality heating products from some of the biggest names in the industry. Our approved and tested air source heat pumps are supplied by the likes of Clivet, Baxi and Daikin.
There are two main types of air source heat pumps in the UK: monobloc and split systems. A monobloc system is an all-in-one unit, with all components housed in a single outdoor unit. It's ideal for homes with limited space and involves a simple installation process.
A split system separates the components between indoor and outdoor units. This outdoor unit can be installed further away from the house, providing more installation freedom. It can also be more efficient, as most of the heat transfer occurs inside the warm building, resulting in less heat being lost.
Each of our air source heat pumps is compact and light in design, while still using robust and durable materials for longevity. Modern heat pumps also feature quiet operation, working with a low-noise fan for minimal disruption.

What to consider before buying an air source heat pump

As air source heat pumps are highly efficient in moderate temperatures, you may need to consider a model that is specifically designed for low-temperature performance if you live in colder areas. You could also supplement with an additional heating source.
Always ensure your property is well-insulated to maximise the efficiency of your heating solutions. Proper insulation reduces heat loss and saves you money on rising energy bills.
Selecting the right size and capacity of your air source heating pump is important, too. A unit that is too small may struggle to heat or cool your home adequately, while an oversized unit can work overtime and reduce overall efficiency.

Why buy air source heat pumps from City Plumbing?

We're a reputable plumbing and heating supplier with over 40 years' experience. Our core values are at the forefront of our operations. We've built trusting relationships with a number of reliable brands to ensure we only provide our customers with the highest-quality products.
Our hard work and commitment to the trade are reflected in our thousands of positive reviews on Trustpilot. We also offer free UK delivery on all orders over £75, as well as a convenient Click & Collect service.

Place an order for air source heat pumps today

If you're looking for air source heat pumps or heat pump accessories, we've got you covered. Head over to our air source heat pump kit builder to find your perfect product. Simply enter your heat loss in watts, select your heat pump and choose your cylinder. It's as easy as that!
Browse the entire online selection or pop into your nearest branch to view our products in person. For general enquiries, get in touch with the team by calling or sending us an email.

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