The new era of heat pumps have arrived. R290s now available at City Plumbing
Heat pump systems are growing in popularity across the UK as people look for eco-friendly methods to heat their homes. Browse our full range for sale online here, including air and ground source heat pumps.
Heat pumps work by absorbing heat from the ground or air outside and increasing the temperature via a compressor to release into your home – effectively the opposite process of what keeps fridges cool and how an air conditioning unit works, although systems are available that fulfil both roles.
Because the released warmth comes from an ambient environment, rather than a component such as a heating element, heat pump systems are typically much more energy efficient than other methods of heating.

What heat pumps do you have for sale?

We stock a number of big-name brands, including Daikin, Grant and Vaillant heat pumps.
Whether you’re looking for air source heat pumps or a ground source system, we can find the right appliance for your project. If you’re unsure which source is best for your space, feel free to contact our friendly team. They can talk you through the options and advise which would be best for you.
If it’s a repair or renovation job on your hands and a full system isn’t quite what you need, we also stock heat pump accessories and cylinders so you can fix it in no time.

What to consider before buying heat pump systems

When it comes to choosing which system to install in your home, it pays to know the differences between them.
Ground source air pumps are typically more expensive. However, they are also generally more efficient and consistent in the savings they can help you make. This is because air source systems can become less energy efficient as the temperature difference between the heat source and sink increases – causing them to call on more electrical power to operate.

Why buy heat pumps from City Plumbing?

If you’re looking to go green, we’re here to help. We’re proud to have been awarded Trustmark-accredited supplier status for the Green Homes Grant, while our energy efficiency sales and design team are experts in all things eco-friendly.
There’s no need to hang around if you’re ready to install a heat pump system in your home; we offer next-day delivery on several devices, all of which qualify for free delivery when buying online.
If you want to pick it up yourself, you can Click & Collect from more than 370 branches right across the UK.

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