Streamline Your Operations

Take control of your business operations with our suite of efficient management tools.
From easy delivery tracking for both brand and carrier shipments to handling returns and invoices, our platform simplifies the intricacies of running your business.

Account Management

Account holders have a range of tools available to make account management simple. Easily access, view, and download invoices and credit notes with ease, get monthly statements for a clear snapshot of your financial activity, and utilise our balance and invoice service for simple record keeping.
Intuitive search and filtering tools ensure you can quickly find what you need, and save time by paying individual or multiple invoices directly through our account management system.

Manage Account Users

Ensure total account security and productivity within your organisation.
Unlock precision control, allowing you to fine-tune exactly what your team members can access and modify. Whether it's monitoring pricing details, delving into financial data, or reviewing past orders - our robust features empower you to customise permissions tailored to individual roles and responsibilities.
Utilise our account management system to safeguard sensitive information while empowering your team to excel in their tasks. 

Manage Spending and Products

Streamline your budget management and gain control over your Engineers expenses with our Spending and Product Management platforms.
Utilise precise spending limits that can be tailored to fit any timeframe – daily, weekly, or monthly – so you don’t have to worry about going over budget.
Our platform empowers administrators to fine-tune purchasing decisions by specifying which product categories users can access. With this level of control, you'll streamline procurement processes, ensuring every purchase aligns perfectly with your organisational goals and priorities.

Trade Insurance

Tailored specifically for tradespeople, City Plumbing Insurance Services has been crafted to protect those in the trade from all possible risks, offering comprehensive coverage that can be fully tailored for each policy holder.
With the ability to purchase and edit your policy online, you can get coverage in minutes – and you can spread the cost with no interest fees.
Fully flexible coverage means you can customise your indemnity limits and choose from a range of optional covers to suit your unique needs.
Get unbeatable convenience, flexibility, and coverage with City Plumbing Insurance Services.

Select a button to find insurance for your trade:

Kitchen & Bathroom Fitter Insurance
Gas Engineer Insurance
HVAC Engineer Insurance
Plumbers Insurance
Solar Panel Installer Insurance
Electricians Insurance
Carpenters Insurance
Builders Insurance

Flexible Payment Options

No matter how you choose to pay, our flexible payment solutions make purchasing convenient for you. We accept all major credit or debit cards, PayPal, American Express within PayPal, and more. We also feature PayPal’s ‘Pay in 3’ feature, allowing you to easily spread the cost of purchases across 3 months without any hassle.
Credit account holders with us can utilise store credit for purchases, ensuring a personalised and flexible payment experience tailored to your needs.

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