Tools for Success

Make jobs quicker, easier, and simpler with our range of tools for professionals.
Find the perfect spares with Spares Finder, leverage our Joblist feature to assign products to each job, and utilise our product kit builders for an all-in-one, simple product solution for a range of installations.
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Trade Toolbox

Elevate business operations with our comprehensive toolkit, meticulously crafted for professionals to save time on-the-job and drive productivity.
Expand and streamline your service offerings with our specialised kit builders, make installations easier with our trade calculators, and discover a whole range of specialised tools to help you get the job done.
Empower your business and increase efficiency on every job with our Trade Toolbox – designed by the trade, for the trade.

Spares Finder

Our Spares Finder tool helps make boiler repairs seamless and straightforward.
Search by manufacturer or GC code to receive an instantaneous list of spare parts, making spares finding quick and easy. You’ll also have access to comprehensive boiler manuals, meaning you’ll have all the guidance you need right at your fingertips.
It’s easy to add the parts required for a perfect fix straight to your basket – taking the stress, guesswork, and confusion out of repairing boilers.
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Branch Locator

Find your nearest branch with our indispensable Branch Locator tool.
Plan your branch visit and get up-to-date information on opening/closing times, branch offerings, and precise location information.
Connect with our knowledgeable branch managers for personalised assistance, ensuring you get exactly what you need at each and every branch visit.

Job List

With our Joblist tool, account customers can build a job now and purchase products later - streamlining workflow and saving time on repeat jobs.
Repetitive ordering tasks are made quick and easy with the ability to reorder products you frequently purchase with just a few clicks.
Additionally, the Joblist tool facilitates collaboration by allowing users to easily share their lists with colleagues or team members via text or by sharing a unique link, ensuring efficient communication and teamwork throughout every job.

Product Kit Builders

Get bespoke all-in-one product solutions for a range of complex jobs with our Product Kit Builders.
From Solar PV to Underfloor Heating and Air Source Heat Pumps, our Kit Builders gather all the products, fittings, and accessories needed for your installation based on the job requirements and dimensions.
Simplify jobs with one singular price and get all the extras added automatically to make installations hassle-free.
Underfloor Heating Kit Builder
Air Source Heat Pump Kit Builder
Solar PV Kit Builder
Workwear Builder

Online Branch Quote Request

Get personalised quotes that meet your exact needs online via our product catalogue with a City Plumbing account.
Once you've built your quote, it's sent to your local branch for review - ensuring a prompt response and fully tailored pricing options.
Receive a professional PDF version via email, empowering you with a convenient and comprehensive overview for your decision-making process.

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