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As the cost of living rises, saving energy at home is more important than ever.

A few simple product swaps can significantly reduce monthly costs, as well as help the environment by reducing household emissions.

View our energy-saving products and helpful guides below for quick and easy ways to help you save big.

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Guides, advice & ideas to help reduce monthly costs

Top Tips That Could Potentially Save Money on Your Energy Bills

Households up and down the country looking for ways to heat their home as efficiently as possible. All of these tips will see your household use less water or energy, so you’ll be doing your bit for the planet at the same time!

6 Ways to Prevent Costly Plumbing Bills

As the cost of living rises, it’s important to do all we can to make life easier for ourselves in the long run. Little wonder that homeowners are looking to the future for technology that can make life cheaper and easier today.

Should You Lower Your Boiler Temperature?

The average household can save around 12% in gas consumption, just by lowering the heating flow temperature on their condensing combi boiler by a few degrees.

Thermostat FAQs

It’s hard to think of a single device that has more of an impact on energy bills than a thermostat. It alone controls over 60% of a household’s energy bill - so investing in the right thermostat is crucial.
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Energy-Efficient Shower Guide

Did you know showers use on average 13 litres of water per minute? Find out much money you can save on your water bills by upgrading to an energy efficient shower.
Energy Efficient Shower at City Plumbing

Government Boiler Upgrade Scheme

For those looking to spend more now to save more later, an efficient new heating system can have a huge impact on monthly outgoings. Read on to discover if your home qualifies for additional funding to help you switch.
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