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Know more. Outside or in with Nest Cam

Who’s in the garden? What’s the dog up to? With 24/7 live view and event video history, the Google Nest wireless indoor or outdoor video camera helps you check in on what matters, outside or in. Built-in intelligent alerts tell you when there’s a person, animal or vehicle.¹ And it’s easy to install, no outlet or wires required.
Image of Google Nest Camera attached to brick wall

Know more with intelligent alerts from Nest Cam

The indoor Nest Cam knows the difference between a person and a pet, and alerts you about the things that matter to you, instead of the things that don’t. 24/7 live view shows you what’s happening from anywhere.² With 3 hours of free event video history, you can go back and see what you missed. And it comes in different colours to match your style.
Nest Cam


Know more, no wires required with Nest Doorbell

The Nest Doorbell is the battery-powered video doorbell that works with almost any home. See what’s happening at your door from anywhere and get intelligent alerts about important activity, like when there’s a person, parcel, animal or vehicle.1 And because there are no wires, you can install it yourself.
G Nest Doorbell Pro

Never miss a parcel with Nest Hello video doorbell

Receive mobile alerts² plus HD video and sound with bright, crisp images, even at night. Designed to show everything - visitors head to toe and parcels on the ground. Replaces an existing wired doorbell.
Google Nest Hello video doorbell


Save energy with Nest Learning Thermostat

Learns the temperature that you like and automatically heats your home by adapting to your schedule. You can turn up the thermostat using compatible Nest devices or control it from your phone, where you can also see how much energy you've saved. It even turns itself down when you're away and sends you monthly reports.
Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Easy installation with Nest Thermostat E

The helpful thermostat that saves you energy. You can turn adjust the temperature from anywhere using the Nest app and it turns itself down when you’re away so it’s not heating an empty home. With it’s built in stand you can install it in any room with ease.
Google Nest Thermostat E

Peace of mind with Nest Protect

The helpful smoke and CO alarm. Knows the difference between smoke and steam and detects carbon monoxide. It sends alerts to your phone and speaks up when there’s a problem and can be hushed from the Nest app.
Google Nest Protect

-Speakers & Displays-

Hands-free help with Nest Mini

The helpful speaker from Google. Voice control compatible smart home devices as well as services like Spotify, just say “Hey Google” to get started. Plus, get help with personalised routines, setting reminders, adding to shopping lists, asking about the news or weather and more.
Google Nest mini

Help at a glance with Nest Hub

All the benefits of Nest Mini, plus much more. A 7” display to stream your favourite video content including YouTube and Netflix and more, and see who’s at the front door with your Nest Cam security cameras. All you need to do is ask, without lifting a finger.
Google Nest Hub

Google Nest products work together seamlessly to help you stay informed, comfortable and secure. At the centre of the helpful home is Google Assistant which controls hundreds of compatible connected home products. Use your voice to control compatible devices, just start with, “Hey Google” to dim the lights, adjust the thermostat, see who’s at the front door, and so much more.
¹Camera is weather resistant. Some features, including mobile notifications, remote control, video streaming, and video recording, require working Internet and Wi-Fi. 
²Some features, including mobile notifications, remote control, video streaming and video recording, require working Internet and Wi-Fi.

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