Part L Building Regulations

BS7593 underpins best practice in relation to heating and cooling systems and is being incorporated into Part L of the Building Regulations. The Building Regulations centre around the conservation of energy and now improving energy efficiency in not just new properties, but all homes. This changes BS7593 from being an advisory document to being regulation. This means that it isn’t a legal requirement but is a strong recommendation.

- A suitable scale inhibitor is required, taking into account the appliance, system components and water quality.

- You must have an inline magnetic filter installed to maintain the health and efficiency of the system.

- Annual checks for concentration of chemical inhibitor and general water quality are required

- Powerflushing machines must be compliant. Cleaners are required with this.

- Biocidal and frost protection is to be used where applicable.

- Inhibitor must be dosed at a minimum of every 5 years.

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