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Take complete control over your heating wherever you are, 24/7 security and peace of mind with a range of smart home controls. Making your life safer, more comfortable and saving you money along the way.

- Smart Heating Solutions -

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats allow you to control your heating system through your smartphone or smart hub. They can help save money by automatically adjusting the temperature based on the current weather, time of day, and automated schedules.
Smart thermostats

Smart Radiator Valves

Smart thermostatic radiator valves connect to your existing radiator valves, allowing your radiators to be independently controlled via your smartphone or smart hub device.
Smart Radiator Valves

Smart Radiator Thermostats

Smart radiator thermostats let you control the temperature of each individual radiator or room. This lets you save energy by only heating the rooms you're using.
Smart Radiator Thermostats

- Smart Security Solutions -

Smart Doorbells

Smart doorbells let you see and speak to whoever is at your door, as well as monitor your properties' security from anywhere through your smartphone.
Smart Doorbells

Smart Cameras

Take total control of your home security with smart cameras. Smart cameras can give you a real-time view of what's happening at your property from anywhere in the world, through your smartphone or laptop.
Smart Cameras

Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Smart alarms give you instant notifications whenever a fire or carbon monoxide leak is detected, giving you total peace of mind - even when you're away from home.
Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Smart Sensors

Smart sensors can be used to increase the level of security in your house, alerting your phone whenever windows, doors, or movement sensors are triggered. Certain models can be used to detect water leaks and freezes.
Smart Sensors

- Smart Lighting Solutions -

Smart Indoor Lighting

Create the perfect setting for any occasion with smart lighting. Change the colour, brightness, and temperature of your lights through your smartphone or smart hub, and set routines and timers to have them turn on and off automatically.
Smart Indoor Lighting

Smart Outdoor Lighting

Light up patios, gardens, and driveways with smart outdoor lighting, and control each light through your smartphone or smart hub.
Smart Outdoor Lighting

- Smart Living Solutions -

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are a great way to keep your household connected. Listen to the radio, play your own music and control other smart home devices through a smart speaker.
Smart speakers

Smart Hubs

Control other smart devices, play music, and watch entertainment on a smart hub. Smart hubs are an all-in-one device that can control your home and keep you connected.
Smart Hubs

Smart Plugs

Control any appliance from your phone by using a smart plug. Smart plugs allow you to turn any device on or off through your phone or smart hub, and can help you save money by displaying how much power devices are using.
Smart Plugs
Smart Accessories

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- Help & Advice -

What is a Smart Home?

A Smart Home is equipped with security, heating, lighting or electronic devices that are controlled through the use of a computer or smartphone.
Through the use of device specific apps you can set up heating profiles, take control over your security cameras and turn plugs on and off from wherever you are.
Smart Homes

Why make my home smart?

Smart devices help make your home safer, more comfortable and with increased efficiency. They allow you to take full control of your home through the likes of smart heating controls, security cameras and internet enabled plug sockets.
You can access your Smart Home from wherever you are, allowing you to turn off the heating if you’re on holiday, or turn on the coffee machine before you’ve gotten out of bed.
Smart devices can help reduce heating and electric bills. The likes of Hive and Nest can help set up profiles to improve the efficiency of your central heating system. Smart plugs from the likes of Drayton and Hive allows you to turn off electronics when not in use.
The use of smart doorbells and cameras help improve the security of your home. Don’t miss a visitor or delivery through the use of the likes of Ring. You can also connect to your security camera from wherever you are to keep an eye on your home.

How to set a home up to be smart

There is a large range of smart tools at your disposal, so you can choose the ones that suit you & your lifestyle. Some smart controls may need to be connected to a hub, this may be their own branded hub, or you may be able to use the likes of Google’s Home.
Once you’ve worked out what types of controls you want, you then need to work out whether or not they can interact with each other. Interaction between devices provides better overall control, but it isn’t overly necessary. You can set them all up individually if you wish, but this will create a larger number of applications on your phone or computer to manage.
Check out the table below to see what each manufacturer creates.
Once you have made your decision, installation is simple and all you need to do is follow the set-up steps provided to you. Once installed you can then start setting up your personal profiles. Profiles are created through the apps, you can then control the device itself through the same app.
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