Teenage Cancer Trust Mission Unstoppable

Teenage Cancer Trust Mission Unstoppable
Our 3 month fundraising challenge, Mission Unstoppable is underway! Our very own City Raisers will be competing against other businesses nationwide to see who can raise the most money for Teenage Cancer Trust. On February 4th, the team with the most funds raised will be crowned the Mission Unstoppable winners; we aim to honour our 10 year partnership by winning this challenge but we cannot do this without the support of as many of our amazing 3000+ employee network as possible!
On January 15th, a small team led by Jon Taylor and Shelley Rutter, an Electrical Manager and Branch Manager respectively from two of our London branches, Colindale and Woolwich, are taking on a mammoth winter Snowdon climb! They will be setting out when the mountain is at it's most challenging where the wind, rain, snow and 3 degree temperatures are common. If you’d like to find out more about their challenge then click here!
To reiterate, the most important part of this challenge is our arsenal of employees: everybody from branches to head office and operations to sales! We will help you by providing tools, marketing and regular updates as well as tips and inspiration to support you through the next couple of months between now and February 4th.
Teenage Cancer Trust Mission Unstoppable City Raisers
Between now and February 4th we will be communicating weekly updates on our progress and activity as well as sharing what we’d like you to do as part of our national Unstoppable campaign as well as smaller, localised ideas to help make our Mission Unstoppable a resounding win!

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