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Welcome to the City Plumbing Solar Hub - your one-stop-shop for all things Solar PV

At City Plumbing, we pride ourselves on offering customers the right information, on the right products, at the right prices.
That's why we've created our Solar Hub - to keep you up-to-speed on the latest news, information, and deals on solar products.
Already know what you want? Use our new Solar PV Kit Builder to find the right solar products for your installation and build your basket in seconds.
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Why Choose City Plumbing for Solar?

City Plumbing is uniquely placed to help installers become solar experts.
With an expansive solar product selection to suit virtually all roof types, a dedicated support team to help you choose the best stock, and competitive prices on cutting-edge solar products.
By shopping solar with City Plumbing, you'll gain access to:
Solar installers designing a solar PV setup

How to use our Solar PV Kit Builder

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Our Solar PV Kit Builder is the perfect tool to help you plan, design, and implement the best solar PV solution for any building.
  • Simply select the roof type and building type
  • Then select the amount of panels you'd like, along with the desired orientation
  • Add an inverter, if necessary
You'll then receive a complete product list, containing everything you need for an end-to-end solar system setup.
The product list and price will update in real-time, so you're free to explore different options and let our kit builder pick out the most optimal products for your installation.
Not sure about the right solar setup for your job, or need more information about installing solar? Take a look at our solar guides below for help and inspiration.

Solar Guides, Information, & Resources

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Link to 'Solar Panel FAQs' guide
Link to 'What's the difference between Solar PV vs Solar Thermal?' guide
Link to 'Beat the energy crisis with solar PV' guide
Link to 'What installers need to know about Net Zero' guide
Link to contact our dedicated renewables team

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