Save BIG with Thermostats and Radiator TRVs

According to the Energy Saving Trust, over half the money homeowners spend on energy bills goes towards heating and hot water. Fortunately, smart solutions from Honeywell are available to help you cut down on energy usage - without sacrificing a warm, comfortable home.
New thermostats and radiator TRVs can save you hundreds of pounds on your annual energy bill. Swapping to a new thermostat and installing thermostatic radiator valves are extremely likely to pay for themselves through energy bill savings, and can continue to save you energy in the long-run.
Here’s how much you could save by upgrading to Honeywell thermostats and radiator TRVs:
Customers with an old mechanical thermostat can save up to *£181 per year by swapping to a modern load compensating thermostat.
Alternatively, customers can save up to *£218 per year by swapping to a load-compensating opentherm.
By upgrading manual radiator valves to energy-efficient thermostatic radiator valves, customers can save up to *£327 per year. 
A modulating opentherm smart programmable thermostat combined with opentherm smart programmable TRVs can save customers up to *£585 per year when replacing a mechanical thermostat and manual radiator valves.

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