A bathroom renovation or installation can dazzle with looks, but it’s the everyday performance and usability that your customers will come to appreciate the most.
When it comes to installing the shower, you want one that provides consistently excellent performance, and looks fantastic in the process.
City Plumbing stocks an expansive range of thermostatic mixer showers suitable for any kind of budget. Let’s take a look at our top picks…

1. Editor’s Choice Mira Element EV

One of our bestselling thermostatic showers, and for good reason – it’s hard to go wrong with the Mira Element EV.
Striking a near-perfect balance of price, performance, style, and durability, the Element EV is an easy-to-operate shower that your customers will love. It features a simple, clean design that can work in just about any bathroom.
Key Benefits:
  • Versatile – works on all systems and pressures, making it a great fit for any bathroom
  • Easy to operate – Singular control is easy to use and provides a clean look
  • High performance – Magni-flo technology provides 3 times the flow of similar mixer showers, and can boost low pressure systems
Mire Element Shower

2.     Eco Friendly OptionMethven Nui

Environmental conscientiousness is a growing priority amongst customers, with many looking to save water and energy by installing eco-friendly bathroom fittings.
The Methven Nui provides energy-saving efficiency, without sacrificing a strong flow - enabling customers to save water without feeling like they’re standing under a leaky roof everytime they shower. The built-in Rua showerhead is known for providing a strong spray whilst saving on water usage.
Key Benefits:
  • Eco-friendly – Aurajet technology combined with a powerful Rua showerhead results in a strong yet water-efficient shower
  • Easy to clean – hydrophobic coating resists the build up of limescale
  • Family friendly – features a safe, cool-touch body
Methven Nui shower

If you’re looking for a no-compromise shower for your installation, look no further than the stylish Methven Aurajet. You’ll have to go a long way to beat the power and performance offered by this thermostatic mixer shower.
The Methven Aurajet uses award-winning aurajet technology to deliver an invigorating spray, capable of delivering 9 litres a minute. Your customers will appreciate the high pressure this shower is capable of, whilst enjoy the sleek, concealed valve design.
Key Benefits:
  • Incredible power – with 20% more spray force and 2 x more skin contact than the previous model
  • Ultra-safe – 38C safety hot stop ensures a safe shower for the whole family
  • Immersive – 200mm overhead drencher enables a full-bodied spray for maximum body contact
  • Easy to maintain – Limescale resistant with hydrophobic properties

4.     Best Value Option iflo Thermo Bar

Delivering high performance at a low cost, the iflo Thermo Bar is an excellent choice for those looking to keep costs down. Whilst the Thermo Bar is nothing particularly flashy, the chrome plated brass finish looks great in just about any style of bathroom.
Key Benefits:
  • Cost effective – provides a good showering experience for under £100
  • Durable – comes with a 5-year guarantee
  • Safe – cool touch valve technology means the shower body doesn’t get too hot during us

5.     Easy to Install Bristan Trinity Concentric Shower Valve

The Bristan Trinity provides excellent performance, whilst boasting an easy-to-install design. This shower is perfect for those installations that demand a quality installation in a short period of time.
Utilising fully-adjustable inlets, the Bristan Trinity can be installed on existing pipework centres between 136 and 158mm. This can be a huge time saver if the existing pipework is in good shape.
What’s more, the Trinity comes with virtually everything you need straight out the box – external diverter, shower rose, rigid riser, hoses, and much more.
Key Benefits:
  • Stylish - traditional rounded crossheads suit a classic bathroom style
  • Safe – thermostatic cartridge has a temperature stop at 42C
  • Convenient – Easier to install than many other thermostatic mixer showers
  • Full kit – comes with everything you need for a quality installation
Bristan Trinity Shower

6. The Family Friendly Option Bristan Sonique2

Customers with a large family or young children demand fittings that are both safe and easy to use for all the family.
The Bristan Sonique2 is one of the safest thermostatic mixer showers available, thanks to cooling technology that prevents temperatures getting too hot.
Key Benefits:
  • Safety – the Sonique2 has TMV2 thermostatic control, along with a preset temperature stop at 42C
  • Easy to fit – comes with Bristan’s adjustable inlets, allowing an easy fit on existing pipework centres
  • Fully adjustable – flexible fittings allows the whole family to have an ideal showering experience

7. Stylish Option Mira Adept Brd+

For many customers, having a bathroom they can be proud of is key. They want a flush yet functional bathroom theme that compliments the house as a whole.
These installations call for a statement piece, with stylish fittings and finish to die for. In these situations, the Mira Adept Brd+ is hard to beat.
Key Benefits:
  • Stylish – a clean, integrated look that will look incredible in most bathrooms
  • Excellent performance – multi-mode shower heads deliver a quality ‘rainfall’ shower experience
  • Magni-flo – comes with Mira’s Magni-flo technology to provide a quality shower, even with low pressure
Mira Adept Shower

8, 9, 10. Quality Mid-Range Options -

Our final three mid-range shower options come in a range of styles with differing features, so there’s something for every bathroom. Take a look at our full range of mixer showers to view hundreds of quality showers to suit your installation.
  • Cool touch valve and auto-shutoff functionality results in a safe shower
  • Anti-limescale design with wipe-clean showerheads results in easy maintenance and longevity
  • Comes with a fast-fix kit for rapid installation
  • Similar to our editor’s choice, the Mira Relate offers similar features with the addition of both a deluge and a hand shower
  • Comes with Mira’s Magni-flo technology that provides a consistently powerful flow
  • Works well with lower pressured systems
  • Cost-effective style combined with quality high-flow performance
  • Easy to maintain rub-clean showerhead
  • 5-year parts and labour guarantee
City Plumbing stocks an incredibly large range of showers from leading brands, including hundreds of mixer showers for you to browse - with many available for next day delivery, or same-day collection from one of our UK branches.

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