Professionals are seeing an increasing number of smart devices trickle into their daily installation jobs. Whether it’s installing a smart thermostat, smart home security cameras, or other smart devices – customers are turning towards technology in order to make their daily lives easier and more convenient.
Continuing this trend, digital showers are quickly growing in popularity, and are the next step in adding smart tech into the everyday lives of customers.
This guide will take you through everything you and your customers need to know about installing a digital shower, as well as important considerations when picking a digital shower for your installation.

How do Digital Showers work?

Digital showers utilise a digital thermostat to allow for complete control of the water temperature and flow. This results in a flawless, extremely consistent showering experience that can be fully customised to the user’s preference. They can also be safer and more comfortable for vulnerable people or young children.
In terms of aesthetics, customers generally prefer putting digital showers in their bathroom due to their sleek, modern design that fits with a more contemporary bathroom style. 
That being said, digital showers are available in a wide variety of styles and designs to match any bathroom, and can be installed alongside coordinating accessories such as rain showerheads, LED lights, speakers, and so on.

Why would Digital Showers Benefit my Customers?

Having a digital shower promotes a completely uninterrupted showering experience. There’s no arctic blast of freezing cold water as soon as the shower is turned on, and the temperature will not fluctuate whenever someone uses water elsewhere in the house.
The addition of a smart valve means customers receive a visual indication of their water temperature before getting in, via an LED indicator on the valve. This can prevent scalding, or unexpected ice-cold showers. The option of a wireless controller is available for most digital showers, which can control the water temperature remotely and add a shower timer to save water and energy.
What’s more, some digital showers – such as the Mira Mode Maxim – can be controlled and customised via a smartphone, allowing for personalised shower durations, maximum temperature settings, and a wealth of other options that allow customers to create a personalised shower experience.

Considerations when Installing a Digital Shower

1. Identify the water system
Digital showers are available in both high pressure and pumped varieties, so install one that is suited to the water system.
If your customer has a combi boiler or an unvented pressure system, choose a high pressure digital shower. If they have a gravity fed system, a pumped digital shower would be required to keep water pressure high.
2. Wired vs. Wireless digital showers
Whether you install a wired or wireless digital shower will be down to customer preference.
Wired digital showers are the most common digital shower option, due to their reliability and cost effectiveness. Wired showers utilise a data cable to connect the controller with the valve.
Wireless digital showers, such as the Mira Platinum range, feature a wireless connection between the two. This can add an extra level of convenience for your customers.
3. Shower head options
Another key choice is the type of shower head you or your customers will opt for. Digital showers come with some of the most advanced shower heads available, which can change the entirety of the showering experience.
For example, the Mira Mode range boasts four unique spray settings – soak, saturate, stimulate, and soothe. Talk to your customer about the type of shower they prefer, and install a digital shower with a head to suit their preferences.

Customers who are looking for the latest innovations in home technology will certainly appreciate an installer experienced in identifying the best smart home solutions
Installers who can offer the right digital showers to enhance and seamlessly integrate with customers’ daily life will have a natural advantage as we move further into the smart home era.
City Plumbing stocks an extensive range of digital showers, available to suit all kinds of bathroom styles and heating systems.
Click here to view our full range, or click here to talk to our experts who can help with more in-depth installation queries.

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