The most essential sanitation fixture and a key pillar of bathroom design, toilets are one of the first things to consider when renovating a bathroom, designing a new en-suite, or undertaking any other bathroom construction project.
Choosing the right toilet can be difficult. You need to consider style, practicality, and efficiency in order to get the perfect fixture for your bathroom.
This guide serves as a helpful overview regarding the best toilets for each bathroom, along with some useful information to be aware of during the planning process.

Which Toilet Should I Buy:

Close Coupled Toilets

‘Close coupled’ means the cistern sits directly above the toilet bowl, meaning they’re – well, closely coupled. They are a modern evolution of old-fashioned high-level toilets, which had the cistern positioned high above the toilet.
Close coupled toilets are the most common type of toilet, and are the ones you’ll see in the vast majority of bathrooms due to their versatility and cost effectiveness. Their average size means they’d work well in virtually every size of bathroom, however very small bathrooms or en-suites may favour a more space-saving design.

Close Coupled Toilet Benefits:

  • Flexible – Available in a range of styles and designs, close coupled toilets are versatile enough to suit any bathroom style, be it contemporary or traditional.
  • Accessible – Due to their flexible design, close coupled toilets are available in a wide range of sizes and heights that can provide a more comfortable experience for those who struggle with mobility, and find lower height toilets too low to sit on.
  • Variable flush mechanisms – From traditional handles to chrome buttons or even high-tech motion sensing detectors, close coupled toilets can be paired with a wide range of flush mechanisms to suit any style or user preference.

Back to Wall Toilets

A modern and contemporary option, back to wall toilets conceal the cistern within a wall or furniture piece for a clean, sleek look and a highly practical design.
Back to wall toilets are exceptionally space-efficient and are often installed in en-suites or smaller bathrooms where space is limited.

Back to Wall Toilet Benefits:

  • Space-saving – The cistern can be completely hidden within the wall, resulting in a lower overall footprint which creates more usable space in any bathroom.
  • Practical – If the cistern is instead hidden inside a unit, the unit can be used as a convenient storage solution.
  • Contemporary – Back to wall toilets provide a clean look, and you’re free to choose a concealing unit that blends seamlessly with your chosen design.

Wall Hung Toilets

Taking back to wall toilets to the next level, wall hung toilets are the ultimate in modern function and clean design. If you’re planning a designer bathroom, a wall hung toilet is definitely the way to go.
Similar to back to wall toilets, wall hung toilets feature a concealed cistern placed in the wall behind them. The difference is that wall hung toilets ‘float’ above the ground, with no visible pedestal.
Keep in mind that an inspection panel will need to be installed to provide access to the cistern in the wall, should you ever need to access it.

Wall Hung Toilet Benefits:

  • Luxurious – If luxury is the name of the game, wall hung toilets are a step above. Their slick, sophisticated style can be the key to fulfilling a luxurious bathroom design concept.
  • Easy to Clean – By forgoing a visible cistern and pedestal, wall hung toilets are far easier to clean thanks to their sleek, hygienic design. You can easily mop or hoover below the toilet, resulting in easy cleaning.
  • Minimalist – If you opt for a minimalist bathroom design, you needn’t look any further than a wall hung toilet. Clean lines and a compact design can compliment any modern bathroom.

Shower Toilets:

Shower toilets are an ideal solution for those looking for an accessible toilet that functions as part of a wet room.
Most shower toilets are functionally similar to wall hung toilets, as their ability to be placed anywhere on the wall offers excellent flexibility for the elderly or disabled.
Shower toilets boast an incredibly hygienic design to make cleaning easy, and can transform the way you use your bathroom.

Shower Toilet Benefits:

  • Customisable – Can be installed on the wall at any height, fully customised to the user’s preference
  • Hygienic – Can improve user wellbeing and cleanliness
  • Accessible – A convenient, hygienic solution for the elderly and physically disabled

What to Consider when Installing a Toilet

Once you’ve decided on the type of toilet best suited to your installation, there’s a few important considerations to keep in mind during the fitting process.

Plumbing Connections

Before installing, evaluate the type of plumbing connection you’ll need for a hassle-free installation. This will depend on the type of toilet you’re fitting. For example, back to wall and wall hung toilets may need a separate concealed cistern, and wall hung or in shower toilets may require a separate wall mounting unit to ensure a robust fit.
Cascada toilet

Soil Pipe

The soil pipe needs to be connected to the soil stack, where the outflow pipe connects to the sewage. Once again, how this is done depends on the type of toilet you buy.
Close coupled toilets are highly versatile in this regard, as they can be connected to the left, right, horizontally, or vertically.
Back to wall and wall hung toilets can only be connected horizontally or vertically, so always check the position of the soil stack in relation to the placement of your toilet.

Items that may be Sold Separately

Depending on the toilet you buy, you may need to buy some items separately. Always check the package contents of the toilet you buy for the following items, so your installation isn’t delayed:

Time to Install

Time is money – expect the average toilet installation to take between 1-3 hours, depending on installer experience and the type of toilet you buy. Back to wall and wall hung toilets may take slightly longer.

No matter the installation, you’re certain to find the parts and fittings you need at City Plumbing. We stock a huge range of toilets, basins, bidets, showers - and just about anything else you’d need to design and fit the perfect bathroom. 
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