Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor heating provides an affordable, energy efficient solution that ensures warmth across your renovation.

Types of Electric Underfloor Heating

What is electric underfloor heating?

Not all heating systems are created equal. Electric underfloor heating stands out as an ideal energy-efficient solution offering an even spread of heat all around your home. Underfloor heating systems enhance aesthetics, comfort and also ensures safety and an easy-to-control system which is simple to install and requires no additional major renovation.

How does electric underfloor heating work?

Electric underfloor heating takers advantage of an ultra-thin heating wire which is placed beneath your floor covering. This is powered by mains electricity and generates heat that radiates upward through floorboards, effectively warming both the floor and the room above to the desired temperature set on the thermostat.

Benefits of Electric Underfloor Heating

Quick & easy to install
Low as 2mm thick
Fast heat-up time


Is it worth getting electric underfloor heating?
Electric underfloor heating can enhance the overall comfort and ambience of your living space. A worthwhile consideration for those seeking a modern and energy-efficient heating solution, electric underfloor heating offers efficient and consistent heat distribution while reducing energy bills in the long run.
How long does electric underfloor heating last?
Electric underfloor heating systems typically have a lifespan of as much as up to 30 years. With quality components and materials used in the system, electric underfloor heating is designed to be durable and long-lasting. If correctly installed by qualified professionals, and cared for and maintained correctly, these systems can provide reliable warmth and comfort for many years.
Can I fit electric underfloor heating beneath tiles?
Tiles are a good choice for installing over underfloor heating because of their ability to retain heat well. Both porcelain and ceramic tile choices work well, yet most tile materials can be used. Due to their longevity and thermal conductivity, tiles offer a fast heat-up time which makes them highly efficient flooring choices to use with electric underfloor heating. When buying tiles, It’s always a good idea to check with the manufacturer's instructions if your chosen tiles are suitable for underfloor heating.
Is electric underfloor heating or radiators more efficient?
Electric underfloor heating is considered a more energy-efficient and effective choice than traditional radiators. Electric underfloor heating distributes heat more evenly across the room, eliminating cold spots and reducing heat loss. Due to its larger surface area, electric underfloor heating operates at lower temperatures compared to radiators, which can lead to lower energy consumption and savings on energy bills. Additionally, underfloor heating operates silently and doesn't require much maintenance.
Is electric underfloor heating costly to run?
Electric underfloor heating systems have evolved to become more energy-efficient and therefore cost a lot less to run than you may think. For best performance, optimising the system ensures cost-effectiveness, especially when paying attention to insulation, thermostat settings, and room usage. This means that many electric underfloor heating systems cost less over the year than it does to run many common household appliances.
Does electric underfloor heating need to be left on all day?
You can keep electric underfloor heating on all day at a lower temperature if preferred. This way, when you want to warm up the room quickly, the system will have less work to meet higher temperatures. Yet, electric underfloor heating systems do not necessarily need to be left on all day to function effectively. These systems are designed with different programming options, including timers and thermostats, allowing you to schedule heating periods according to your needs. This means you can program your electric underfloor heating system to come on before you wake up and before you arrive home and enjoy a warm and cosy space without needing to leave it on all day.

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