Beat the Freeze with Davant Pipe Insulation

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Stay Compliant with Pipe Insulation Regulations and Beat the Freeze

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Meet and Exceed Regulations with Davant Climaflex

Davant Climaflex pipe insulation is designed to meet and exceed BS 7523:1991 Type A regulations, and boasts a range of benefits that will enhance your work, keep you ahead of regulations, and save your customers money by preventing costly pipe freezing.
  • Completely CFC & HCFC free.
  • Global Warming Potential (GWP) requires a reading of less than 5 - Climaflex has an industry-leading reading of 0.
  • Relevant sizes exceed Water Byelaw 49 requirements.
  • Rot-proof, odourless, and non-hydroscopic - will not sustain vermin and will not encourage fungi or mould growth.
  • Available with one wall thickness & completely slit through for quick & easy application.
  • -50c to +95c temperature range.
Insulating the sanitary and heating pipework of a home can lead to significant improvements in energy efficiency by vastly reducing heat loss and overall energy consumption, as well as preventing costly pipe freezing.
Davant Climaflex can prevent costly and potentially dangerous pipe freezes this winter, which could lead to pipe bursts, leaks, and even flooding.
Davant Pipe Insulation is designed for domestic applications, and can help you stay in-line with regulations as well as better protecting customers' from global energy price hikes and needless pipe freezing or bursting.
Take a look at the comparison of the costs and returns on investment for a home's energy efficiency...
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