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Vericon Systems utilise pioneering new technology to make boiler diagnostics, maintenance, and repair hassle-free. Simply install the Vericon system, and enjoy the peace of mind from knowing your boiler is monitored and maintained automatically.

BCM - Real-time Boiler Monitoring

The Vericon Boiler Control Module (BCM) uses Vericon's intelligent technologies to allow Landlords to report on, predict and rectify a number of common housing stock challenges remotely with real world data.
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Autofill - Auto-Maintain Central Heating

The Vericon AutoFill removes the risk of pressure faults in Central Heating systems with automated top ups, real time notifications and preventative maintenance.
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MultiDOT - Monitor Damp & Humidity

Enables Landlords and Property Managers to monitor temperature and humidity in specific locations where installed. The MultiDOT ensures temperature and humidity levels remain safe and consistant.
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CUBE4 - Automatically Identify Mould & Damp Causes

Immediately collect data on a property's temperature and humidity, allowing damp & mould issues, ventilation issues and fuel poverty situations to be identified and rectified.
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Vericon’s smart boiler monitoring systems can detect problems even before they arise. They continuously monitor the vitals of any boiler, and can detect excess mould and humidity before they can cause damage.
Once an issue is detected, Vericon instantly alerts the property owner who will receive a message outlining the fault and advising next steps if required.
Watch the video to see how Vericon helps housing associations create safer, more reliable, and more sustainable heating systems for properties and the tenants who live in them.

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