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-Smart Heating Controls-

T6R Series Smart Thermostats

Choosing a smart thermostat just got easier. Both the T6R wall mounted and table stand options come with a range of smart features, including geo-fencing, works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
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evohome Multi-Zone System

A smart heating system offering time and temperature control of up to 12 zones, including radiators and underfloor heating, plus stored hot water. Smart zoning means you only need to heat the areas you’re using, keeping you in control, saving energy and creating the perfect comfort zone.
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-Heating Controls-


Honeywell Home supplies an extensive range of thermostats, all designed to very high standards and to provide years of reliable use across a range of heating systems. From wired to wireless, analogue to digital, we have a host of products to satisfy your needs.
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Programmers and Timers

A series of one and two channel time controllers with independent heating and hot water control, and three switching times per channel per day for up to seven days programming. The ST9000 range of programmers incorporate the line of text display, giving clear instructions for ease of use.
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Valves and TRVs

Valves are used across many applications in domestic and commercial buildings. They regulate, direct or control the flow of water. Our range includes motorised valves, thermostatic radiator valves, bypass valves, heating systems valves, pressure reducing valves and thermostatic mixing valves.
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Installer Packs and Accessories

Installer packs are designed to provide independent time & temperature control of heating & hot water circuits, in fully pumped central heating installations. They provide time, temperature & flow products for a domestic heating system, ensuring full boiler interlock is achieved for heating & hot water in the property.
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