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ADEY's industry leading approach to system maintenance is supported by a comprehensive range of products in line with the ADEY Best Practice® approach. By following the Test, Clean, Protect and Maintain steps, engineers can keep heating systems working all year round, and help reduce carbon emissions by up to 7% per home per year.*
With innovation in its DNA, ADEY aims to provide heating engineers with everything needed to keep central heating systems running efficiently.
*Based on independent research

A magnetic filter range like no other. Fit Magnaclean®


ADEY’s range of award-winning chemicals are designed to clean and protect every type of system.
MC1+® Central Heating System Protector, prevents limescale and corrosion build up.
MC3+® Cleaner lifts sludge and debris that can be flushed from the system, allowing improved water flow.
For low temperature systems, MC10+® Biocide tackles algae and biological contamination with ease; perfect for underfloor heating.
Adey chemicals

Scale Reducers

Designed for properties where water hardness is above 200ppm, ADEY Scale reducers protect from damage from limescale so that hard water isn’t a problem.
Adey Scale Reducers

Water Testing

ADEY ProCheck® is a digital water test kit, providing instant lab-style results and recommendations using a smartphone.
ADEY ProCheck tests four main parameters which contribute to boiler breakdown: turbidity, pH, corrosion and inhibitor.
Adey Water Treatment Packs


MagnaCleanse® system flushing provides an efficient, portable solution for cleansing systems removing system debris in as little as two hours, when used in conjunction with ADEY’s powerful MC5® Rapid Flush Cleaner and VibraClean® agitator.
The precision agitator removes more sludge in 20 seconds than can be extracted in 30 minutes without it.
Adey Complete Kit


Corrosion affects all types of water-based heating systems. So we’ve developed a range of magnetic filters from the compact MagnaClean Atom® to the industry-leading MagnaClean Professional2®.
Designed to protect heating systems from sludge by capturing it before it enters to boiler, MagnaClean® filters are easy to fit, easy to service, and are outstanding performers too.

MagnaClean Professional2®

MagnaClean Professional2® has been expertly designed to maximise the capture of magnetite. Engineered to actively trap virtually all circulating debris.
  • In-line installation can be completed in just two minutes
  • 360° rotational valves providing multiple installation option
  • Chemicals can be easily dosed directly into the canister
Adey Pro3 Sense Image
Set up in 2003, ADEY, through their incredible range of filters, chemicals, inhibitors and system flush kits have strived to ensure central heating systems run as efficiently as possible. The likes of the MagnaScale inhibitors and MagnaClean Pro2 filters remove any sludge, magnetite and other impurities so boilers work at peak performance. Keeping an efficient heating system can potentially lower heating bills and fuel use. The MC1, MC3 and MC5 range of cleaners a protectors provide long lasting performance. You can find ADEY products in over 5 million homes across the UK and Ireland making ADEY one of the best names central heating protection. 

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