Solar Thermal

If you're looking to reduce fuel bills and carbon emissions, you've come to the right place. Here at City Plumbing, we stock a range of thermal solar products, which blend seamlessly with most domestic roof types.

What solar thermal products can I buy?

When it comes to selecting the right solar thermal system for your needs, we offer a comprehensive range that caters to various applications and requirements. We stock products from reputable industry names, including Grant, Solfex and Armacell.  
  • Solar thermal packages: Designed to provide you with everything you need to set up an efficient and reliable system. These packages include all essential components, ensuring a hassle-free installation process.
  • Solar thermal panels: The heart of any solar thermal system. Engineered for maximum efficiency, these panels capture solar energy and convert it into heat for various applications. 
  • Solar thermal pipes: Crucial for transporting heat from solar collectors to storage tanks. We offer a variety of pipes designed to withstand high temperatures and deliver systematic heat transfer. 
  • Solar thermal mounting: Proper mounting is key for the optimal performance of solar panels. Our mounting solutions ensure your panels are securely positioned for maximum sun exposure.
  • Solar thermal accessories: Enhance the functionality of your solar thermal system with our range of accessories. These components are designed to complement your system and deliver smooth operation. 

What to consider before buying solar thermal heating

Investing in solar thermal energy is a significant decision that can bring long-term benefits for your pocket and the environment. There are several factors to consider before purchasing to ensure you choose the right system for your needs.
Firstly, you should evaluate your heating and hot water requirements to determine the size and capacity of the system. Your location and climate can impact efficiency and performance, too. 
Identify the available space and condition of your roof or installation area to assess the feasibility of the installation process. Then, choose the type of system and components that best suit your demands and budget. 

Why buy solar thermal energy systems from City Plumbing?

We’ve been experts in plumbing and heating for over 40 years and always abide by our core values of teamwork and inclusivity. So, whatever assistance you need, we'll tell you what the best options are for your project.
Our long-standing passion and dedication are reflected in our thousands of positive reviews on Trustpilot. Choose your solar thermal products today and receive free UK delivery on all orders over £75. Alternatively, use our handy Click & Collect service. 

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Shop the entire online collection of thermal solar solutions today or pop into your local branch. If you need answers to any queries, please get in touch with our friendly team of experts.

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