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Solar PV

Looking to make the switch to renewable energy? Our solar PV range could be just what you're looking for. Benefit from free, low-carbon electricity by installing a PV solar system, ideal for commercial and domestic use.

What PV solar products can I buy?

Browse the entire solar PV range from City Plumbing. We stock high-quality products from industry-leading brands, including Technaxx, Goodwe and Solax.
  • Solar PV Panels: The core component of any solar PV system. Each panel consists of numerous solar cells made from semiconductor materials and is highly efficient, durable and requires low maintenance.
  • Solar PV String Inverters: Responsible for converting electricity from DC to AC. Mainly used by home appliances and the grid, string inverters are cost-effective, reliable and easy to monitor.
  • Solar PV Storage Inverters: Also known as hybrid inverters, these combine the functions of a solar inverter and battery inverter. The conversion of energy is managed by solar panels and battery storage units.
  • Solar PV Mounting: Mounting systems are used to secure solar panels directly to rooftops, ground mounts and other structures. The angles and orientation of the panels are considered for maximum sunlight exposure.
  • Solar PV Storage Units: Such units, or batteries, store excess solar energy generated throughout the day for use at night or in periods of cloudy weather. These systems are essential for energy independence.

What are the benefits of PV solar technology?

Our solar PV range features products that convert the sun's energy, producing sustainable and renewable resources. Switching to solar can significantly reduce the cost of energy bills and protect you from rising prices, ensuring that you see a return on investment within just a few years.
Unlike fossil fuels, solar power does not produce harmful emissions. Using solar energy can help you contribute to a greener planet. Producing your own electricity also means less reliance on the grid, creating greater energy security.
Our robust solar PV kits are built to last, with minimal maintenance required. Once installed, you can expect to receive clean energy for over 25 years. This long-term investment can boost the market value of your property, too, as increasing amounts of people are searching for energy-efficient homes.
If you'd like to learn more information about our products, you can speak to one of our experts in person by visiting your nearest City Plumbing branch.

Why buy solar PV systems from City Plumbing?

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Enjoy the many benefits of renewable energy by investing in a solar PV system from City Plumbing today. With straightforward installation and outstanding performance, our first-class product selection is second to none. For further advice, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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