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Conventional Gas Boilers

A conventional boiler is one of the oldest types of boiler there is. This type of boiler is also known as a 'heat only' boiler, due to the fact that it only produces water for the central heating system. Though many buildings use alternative boiler systems now, conventional gas boilers are still in demand for larger-than-average homes with high central-heating usage. Their high capacity for hot water means that multiple taps and outlets can be used at the same time, making them the boiler of choice for residents of larger buildings. That's why we offer a broad range of brand-new conventional gas boilers.
Thanks to the great relationships that we have with our suppliers, we've built up an online catalogue that includes boilers from some of the industry's leading names. What's more, when you place an order of at least £50, you'll automatically qualify for free next-day UK delivery.

Which conventional gas central heating boilers are in stock? 

The exact conventional boiler that you need will depend on a variety of factors, not least the number of central heating radiators in the building in which you are going to fit it. We have an array of options for you to consider, with everything from a 24kW to a 36kW boiler in stock.
If you're unsure which boiler you require, a good guide is to count the number of radiators in the home. As a general guide, when fitting a conventional boiler, a home with up to 10 radiators will require a boiler between 12-15 kW. If there are 10-15 radiators, look for a boiler within the range of 18-24kW, while a count of 15-20 radiators is most likely to want something in the range of 30-40kW.
All of our conventional boilers are produced by some of the industry's most relied-upon brands, including Viessmann and Vaillant. You can find some of the best conventional gas boilers on the market here in our online shop.

What's the price of a conventional gas boiler?

Conventional gas boiler prices vary depending on several factors, such as the brand and the size of the building that the boiler is designed to serve. Whatever your budget or requirement, you should be able to find the product you need with us.
As a guideline, you can expect the cost of a conventional boiler to fall somewhere between £727 and £2,913 (prices include VAT).

Why buy a conventional boiler from City Plumbing?

Here at City Plumbing, we're informed by more than 40 years of industry experience. Our staff have a wealth of knowledge to share and can provide the highest standard of customer service. You can rest assured that we'll help you to identify the best conventional boiler for your needs.
If you'd like to read about past customers' experiences with us, have a look at Trustpilot, where we've amassed thousands of positive reviews.

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