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Commercial & Industrial Hot Water Boilers

Commercial water boilers are integral to the smooth operation of industrial settings, such as canteens in hospitals and offices. These settings require something quicker and more efficient than a kettle, which is where a commercial water boiler comes into play. A commercial water boiler is often more cost-effective, too, as it is designed to provide a constant supply of hot water without you manually needing to flick a switch. We're here to help you to find a reliable new water boiler that will make your and your kitchen staff's lives easier!
We have an extensive range of commercial water boilers suited to commercial and industrial purposes. Browse our online selection today and qualify for free UK delivery when you spend over £50.

Which commercial water boilers are available?

The commercial water boilers in our range are safe and efficient for use in industrial kitchens. You'll find that our range includes commercial boiler products from several well-known brands. They each provide a great, space-saving solution because they can be mounted on a wall, rather than crowding the kitchen worktop surfaces. The efficient commercial water boilers in our range include Zip Hydroboil water heaters and Hyco water boilers.
You'll also find a selection of hot water cylinders from Gledhill in our range. Commercial properties (and larger-than-average homes) usually require a reliable hot water cylinder to ensure that hot water from the heating system is stored at the correct heat for later use. A Gledhill water cylinder is made from sturdy duplex stainless steel and is up to 50% lighter than cylinders from other manufacturers. Some models have the functionality to heat water using off-peak electricity tariffs, making them a highly economical solution.

How much do commercial hot water boilers cost?

You'll find that prices for our water boilers and cylinders vary, depending on specifications and features. You can expect to pay between £514-£1,192 (including VAT) for commercial water heaters while water cylinders cost between £810 and £959 (also including VAT).
You'll also benefit from free UK delivery, as this applies to all orders over £50. If you have a busy schedule and you'd rather collect your order personally, a quick and straightforward Click & Collect service is also available for you.

Why shop with City Plumbing for commercial water boilers?

With over 40 years of experience in the plumbing industry, City Plumbing is a reliable supplier of heating and plumbing products. Never losing sight of our core values, we strive to deliver quality customer service.
You don't need to just take our word for it, either; check us out on Trustpilot and you'll find several thousand positive reviews!

Order your commercial water boiling products from City Plumbing today

Browse our range of commercial hot water dispensers and cylinders online at your convenience today. If you'd like to come and see our stock before you buy, simply locate one of your 350 nationwide branches. One of our friendly trade experts will be more than happy to help you to find the perfect product for you.
If you have any queries about your order or would like some additional advice, just get in touch with the team.

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