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Vented Hot Water Cylinders

Also known as gravity-fed hot water systems, vented hot water cylinders are ideal for properties where the water tank is located in the loft. The natural pull of gravity means the cylinder is able to provide hot water with equal pressure to numerous bathrooms.
Easy to install and requires virtually no maintenance, vented hot water cylinders are the ideal way to supply hot water to your home. We stock leading brand names online and in our UK showrooms. And with free or next-day delivery available, as well as Click & Collect, you won't have to wait long to complete your plumbing project.

What vented hot water cylinders do you have for sale?

You'll find direct and indirect hot water cylinders for sale online from leading brand names including, Gledhill and Pulsacoil and includes models in a whole host of sizes.
The Gledhill Envirofoam indirect vented hot water cylinder range is the perfect replacement for your existing copper cylinder, while the Gledhill direct hot water cylinder range features copper vented cylinders to maximise the benefit of off-peak electric tariffs.
If you're unsure which vented hot water cylinder is best for your plumbing project, feel free to drop into your local showroom, where our experts can offer you some advice.

What to consider before buying direct and indirect hot water cylinders? 

Before buying your vented hot water cylinder, you'll need to decide if you need a direct or an indirect one.
A direct hot water cylinder is heated via an electric immersion and does not work with a gas or oil boiler. Whereas an indirect cylinder has a coil running through the tank. Water passes through the coil and is heated by the boiler. The heated coil imparts its heat onto the freshwater that is used for washing and showering in the tank.
Vented hot water cylinders work alongside your cold water storage tank and are not dependent on the incoming mains pressure to deliver hot water at a good flow rate. The greater the distance between your water tank and the vented hot water cylinder, the greater the water pressure. If you're looking to further improve your water pressure, an additional pump can be installed too.
You'll find direct and indirect hot water cylinders are available in varying sizes, so if you're unsure which to choose, our team of experts are on hand to help with your queries.

Why buy hot water cylinders from City Plumbing? 

With almost 40 years' experience working alongside the plumbing trade, we like to think we know a thing or two about heating systems. Whether you're replacing your whole hot water system,
Or, you're simply upgrading your current vented hot water cylinder, you'll find the right one for you. And we've made it easier than ever for you to complete your project thanks to free delivery on orders over £50, as well as Click & Collect across the UK.

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