Vokera 20039202 Full Gas Valve
Vokera 20039202 Full Gas Valve
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The gas valve is a gas distribution mechanism. When the need for gas in the burner increases, a message is sent from the PCB to the gas valve, which opens and allows gas to flow through the valve in to the pilot assembly or the burner dependant on the model of the appliance installed. This part is present in 8 different boilers in the Vokera range including the Vokera LINEA 25 HE , LINEA 30 HE , LINEA 35 HE , LINEA 28 HE , LINEA 32 HE
  • Supplier Part Number: 20039202
  • Vokera 20039202 Gas Valve Rep 10028538
  • Vokera LINEA 25 HE Vokera LINEA 30 HE Vokera LINEA 35 HE Vokera UNICA HE Vokera UNICA 32 HE Vokera LINEA 28 HE Vokera LINEA 32 HE Vokera LINEA 36 HE Vokera COMPACT 25A 20020831 Vokera COMPACT 25A 20071498 TO SERIAL 20071498J3251296 Vokera COMPACT 29A 20020832 Vokera COMPACT 29A 20071500 TO SERIAL 20071500J3253720 Vokera MYNUTE 20I 20073510 Vokera MYNUTE 30I 20076857 Vokera MYNUTE 30I 20092403 Vokera PROCOMBI A28 Vokera PROCOMBI A32 Vokera PROCOMBI A36 Vokera VERVE Vokera VIBE 20A Vokera VIBE 25A Vokera VISION 20S 20053502 Vokera VISION 20S 20071534 Vokera VISION 25C TO SERIAL 20052391J3251032 Vokera VISION 25S 20053503 Vokera VISION 25S20071535 TO SERIAL 20071535J2650696 Vokera VISION 30C TO SERIAL 20052392J2653768 Vokera COMPACT 25A 20071498 FROM SERIAL 20071498J3251297 Vokera COMPACT 29A 20071500 FROM SERIAL 20071500J3253721 Vokera VISION 25C FROM SERIAL 20052391J3251033 Vokera VISION 25S 20071535 Vokera VISION 30C TO SERIAL 20052392J3153816 Vokera VISION 30C FROM SERIAL 20052392J3153817

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Full Gas Valve


Vokera 20039202 Full Gas Valve


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