Heatmiser neoStat-E Programmable Thermostat - Black
Heatmiser neoStat-E Programmable Thermostat - Black
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Heatmiser neoStat-E Programmable Thermostat - Black
Heatmiser neoStat-E Programmable Thermostat - Black
Heatmiser neoStat-E Programmable Thermostat - Black


The Heatmiser neoStat-E thermostat is not only a functional addition to your home but also an aesthetic one, available in White, Black, and Silver to complement your decor. Here are its key features: Remote Heating Control: Manage your heating system from anywhere with the Heatmiser neoHub, adjusting settings conveniently via your smartphone or tablet. Easy Navigation: The intuitive interface and backlit screen make it easy to navigate and control the thermostat's settings. Self Learning Preheat: The thermostat calculates the optimal heat-up time to ensure your home is comfortable when you wake up or return, adjusting automatically throughout the year for energy efficiency. Temperature Hold Facility: Set a desired temperature for a specific duration, ideal for temporary adjustments or events. Key Lock Feature: Prevent unauthorized tampering with the heating system using the key lock feature, ensuring your settings remain secure. In addition to these, the neoStat-E offers: Thermostat and Timer Mode: Customize control for various heating applications, from towel rails to lighting. Flexible Programming Options: Choose from non-programmable, 5/2 day, 7-day, or 24-hour programming modes to fit your lifestyle. Holiday Function: Set a specific temperature for when you're away to save energy and maintain comfort upon your return. App Control: Utilize the Heatmiser app for remote control and access to advanced features. Air Sensor Connection: Connect an air sensor for precise temperature monitoring and control. Floor Sensing Mode: Ensure optimal comfort and temperature regulation for underfloor heating systems. Key Code Facility: Enhance security with a code required to access and modify thermostat settings. Frost Protection: Prevent freezing in colder environments, protecting your heating system. Specifications: Supply: 230v AC Dimensions (L,H,D): 85x85x15mm Temperature Range: 05-35°C Max Current: 16A Probe Options: Floor or Remote Air Probe Probe Rating: 10Kohm, 12Kohm, or 15Kohm NTC IP Rating: IP20 Installation: Remove the screw from the bottom face and separate the front from the back plate. Terminate the thermostat as shown in the wiring diagram. Securely screw the back plate into the back box. Clip the front onto the back plate and secure it with the retaining screw. Remember: Do not install near direct heat sources. Avoid pushing hard on the LCD screen to prevent damage. It's designed for flush mounting with a minimum 35mm depth back box.
  • Compact Size - just slightly larger than a standard lightswitch
  • Easy Navigation - Intuitive Interface with convenient, easy to see display
  • Temperature Hold Facility - Allows temporary setting of temperature until a timer runs out
  • Self Learning Preheat - Can automatically adjust heat based on schedule and efficiency

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Waist Sizeaa98cc8gsColourBlackBrand NameHeatmiser


Heatmiser neoStat-E Programmable Thermostat - Black



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