Heatmiser neoAir V3 Wireless Smart Thermostat - White
Heatmiser neoAir V3 Wireless Smart Thermostat - White
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The Heatmiser neoAir V3 Wireless Smart Thermostat offers convenient and efficient control over your heating and hot water systems, allowing you to adjust settings from anywhere in your home when paired with the Neohub. Compatible with Heatmiser RF Switch and UH8-RF Wireless Receivers, this battery-powered thermostat seamlessly integrates with your heating setup. Key Features: Self Learning Preheat: Calculates optimal heat-up time for a warm and comfortable home, adjusting throughout the year to save energy and adapt to changes. Mesh Networking: Communicates wirelessly with other neoStat/neoAir devices via the neoHub, ensuring reliable connectivity and scalability. Easy Navigation: Intuitive programming system with backlit display for effortless navigation and clear visibility. Battery Powered: Flexibility in thermostat placement without wiring, powered by 4 x AAA batteries. Multiple Modes: Functions as a standalone thermostat, timer, or a combination of both for customized control. Flexible Programming: Choose from 5/2-day, 7-day, or 24-hour programming modes to suit your lifestyle. Holiday Function: Set specific temperature during absence for energy savings and comfort upon return. Temperature Hold: Temporarily maintain desired temperature for consistent heating comfort. Wireless Switching: Control UH8-RF or RF Switch wirelessly, expanding control options. Frost Protection: Includes frost protection to prevent freezing and ensure heating system safety. C/F Selectable: Choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature units. 4 Comfort Levels per Day: Set up to four comfort levels per day for customized temperature control. Key Code Facility: Enhance security and prevent unauthorized access with key code facility. Specifications: Supply: 4 x AAA Batteries Dimensions (L,H,D): 86x86x26mm Temperature Range: 5-35°C No. Heating Levels: 4 Optional Probe (not included): Sensor Probe or Thimble Sensor Probe Rating: 10Kohm IP Rating: IP20 Installation: Carefully separate the front half from the back plate using a small flat head terminal driver. Mark 2 hole positions on the wall using the back plate as a template. Drill at marked positions and insert wall plugs. Screw the back plate securely on the wall. Clip the front of the thermostat back onto the back plate. Note: Avoid installing near direct heat sources and refrain from pushing hard on the LCD screen. Upgrade your home heating control with the Heatmiser neoAir V3 Wireless Smart Thermostat, combining convenience, energy efficiency, and comfort in one advanced device.
  • Self Learning Preheat
  • Mesh Networking
  • Easy Navigation
  • Remote Air Sensor Connection
  • Wireless Switching to UH8-RF RF Switch

Technical specification

Waist Sizeaa14cc11gsTypeSmart ThermostatHeating TypeUnderfloor HeatingDigital or AnalogueDigitalBrand NameHeatmiser


Heatmiser neoAir V3 Wireless Smart Thermostat - White



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