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Effortless designs, instant quotes, easy ordering and convenient delivery for seamless installs. All under one roof!

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OpenSolar is class-leading design and proposal software offered completely free of charge to the installer and their customers

To help solar businesses grow profitably, OpenSolar offers:
  • Leading 3D design accuracy and speed
  • Customisable digital proposals
  • End-to-end software for efficient operations
  • The industry’s leading solar professionals save £10,000s per year by switching to OpenSolar thanks to our partnership revenue model

We support the world’s solar professionals with transparency and flexibility:

  • ​No licensing or subscription fees
  • No seat limits
  • No design caps
  • No lengthy contracts
  • Solar professionals can operate their businesses their way while optimising for scale and saving thousands per year.

City Plumbing x OpenSolar

  • Keep hardware ordering simple with City Plumbing on OpenSolar. Optimise your hardware ordering workflow and efficiently manage your hardware needs all from your OpenSolar account.
  • Enjoy a wider range of product options to combat stock availability Save time per project by taking projects from sold to install with a seamless, universal ordering flow
  • Take the guesswork out of hardware ordering by placing your orders in bulk or by selecting individual components directly from the projects page
City Plumbing x OpenSolar Image

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