Save time, money and hassle - with our Plastic Plumbing Super Centres.

-City Plumbing Launches Supercentres to Stock Plastics in Huge Quantity-

Get a load of this...City Plumbing Plastic Supercentres.
Enough soil, waste and plastic plumbing products for multiple new build units, aiding quick and efficient building projects.
City Plumbing is ready to solve a long-term problem for housebuilders, regional developers and large subcontractors, by launching new Plastics Supercentres across the country.
The 10 centres will house large quantities of Wavin soil, waste and plastic plumbing products and drainage options, along with other brands.
The initiative was inspired by feedback from customers that it was impossible to find large enough plastics stock for new build projects in one visit.
Now Plastics Supercentres will stock the full profile of everything needed to complete multiple new build units, in large quantities.
Current Plastic Supercentres:
* Tunbridge Wells
* Portishead
* Portsmouth

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