• Just 1.69% per transaction

  • Accept all major payment methods

  • Easy & quick to set up & use

Process Payments Quickly

Payments processed quickly

SumUp processes your transactions and transfers the funds to your bank account as fast as possible (usually within 3 working days).

Card Schemes

Accept all major methods of payments

SumUp accepts all major credit & debit cards as well as contactless payments. Android, Apple and Samsung Pay.

SumUp Card Readers

Air Card Readers

Easy to use

100% online sign up. SumUp app helps you manage your transactions in the easiest way. Get started in minutes with no paperwork - just connect to your smartphone via Bluetook and make up to 500 transactions on a single charge.

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Air Charging Station


Keep your reader always charged and ready. Highlight card payments and transact directly from your countertop. Compatible with SumUp Air only.

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3G+ Card Reader

Stand-alone for greater autonomy of use

SumUp 3G + Wi-Fi simplifies payments by offering merchants a card reader that doesn't require a smartphone. View your sales history, refund customers, keep track of tips and use multiple employee accounts directly from your card reader.

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3G Payment Kit

It's multi-functional

Card reader, printer & charging station in one kit. Print on the go up to 800 transactions with a full battery. Easy paper loading with up to 800 prints on a single charge.

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More tools to run your business

Payment links

Get paid with Payment Links

Charge customers for orders or bookings placed remotely and accept their payments anywhere. Send your payment links via email, SMS, WhatsApp or any other messaging platform. Share payment links straight from the check-out screen. Customers can pay via a secure website.


Smart invoicing

No more Excel or Word templates. Your logo and business details automatically appear on every invoice you create. There's no need to assign invoice numbers or calculate prices and VAT, SumUp invoices does it for you. And once you get paid, SumUp invoices will match the payment with the invoice, so you don't have to do it.

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