Why Choose a Digital Shower

Published: 10 Jul 2024 ・ Read time: 4 mins
As digital shower systems are becoming increasingly available, you and your customers might be wondering if they’re worth the investment. Digital showers are innovative and offer a luxurious experience helping customers looking to elevate their shower experience to concentrate on wellness, sustainability, safety, cleaning, and control. 
Perfect for those busy households, at City Plumbing, we offer several quality digital shower options. Here we’ve put together a quick guide to help you select the best digital shower for your customer’s needs.

Key Benefits of Digital Showers

Undeniably, digital showers offer incredible benefits to the user, including:
  • Fully personalised and luxurious shower with just one tap
  • Precise control over water temperature 
  • Programmable settings to create the perfect showering experience
  • Remote control to turn your shower on from anywhere in the home
  • Compatible with any system type with high pressure and pumped variants 
  • Helps manage water consumption and running costs
  • Adjustable water flow from gentle to powerful
  • Can divert between the overhead and hand shower on certain models
  • Some models feature countdown timers that stop the shower automatically
  • Easy to read and simple to operate
  • A visually stunning and modern appearance in the bathroom

-Key features of two of our best-selling digital showers-

Aqualisa Quartz Classic Smart Exposed Shower

Thermostatically Controlled Showering With Push Button One Start Control.
LED Display To Let You Know Your Chosen Temperature Has Been Reached.
Boost Button For A Powerful Showering Performance.
Wifi, Mobile App & Amazon Alexa Enabled To Allow You To Control Your Shower Remotely.

Mira Platinum Dual Ceiling Fed Digital Shower

Precise flow and temperature control with maximum temperature setting, ensuring safer showering for all the family.
Adjust your temperature at the touch of a button and rotate the controller to fine tune your flow.
Welcoming warm-up mode pauses at your ideal temperature.
Keep track of the time whilst you shower with the digital clock display.

Achieve the Perfect Shower, Every Time

One of the key features of a digital shower is to pre-set and save your preferred temperature, flow rate, and duration which eliminates any uncertainty during your morning routine. Once a preset has been selected your shower will alert you when it’s ready so you can step in without any delay. Additionally, you can create multiple profiles for different family members, ensuring everyone has their perfect shower every time. 
In terms of shower strength, most digital showers offer a choice between a powerful jet, great for rinsing away shampoo, relieving tired muscles, or waking up after a late night – or larger, softer droplets for a luxurious, relaxing shower experience. Some models even allow you to combine both options for added versatility.

Do Digital Showers Save Water and Energy?

At a time when homeowners are conscious of household expenses a digital shower can help. Allowing you to pause the water flow instantly while washing your hair, when you’re ready to rinse the water flow and temperature will resume in the exact same way as before, eliminating the need for adjustment and preventing water waste. On top of that, you can pre-program this shower duration, perfect for teenagers who tend to take a very long time in the shower.  
There is no more need to wait around for the shower to reach the desired temperature. Some digital showers are now controlled via an app and will notify you when it’s ready. This means you can use your device from your bed, living room, or anywhere else within your home, ensuring a perfect showering experience every time. Apps also allow users to monitor their consumption so they can shower more efficiently.

Future of Showering - Let’s go Digital!

For the ultimate showering experience, digital showers are all about control and tailoring the experience to make it personal for everyone every time. 
Whether you’re seeking luxury, or convenience, or want to complement a new bathroom suite, explore our selection of popular digital shower models today.

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