A Trade Guide to Infrared Panel Heaters

Published: 10 Oct 2023 ・ Read time: 5 mins
Infrared panel heaters are a type of electric heater that uses infrared radiation to heat ourselves and objects around the room. They are becoming a more efficient and a great environmentally friendly alternative compared to traditional heating methods. According to the National Home Energy Survey, as of October 2022, only 17% of the public are aware of this low-carbon heating alternative.
Infrared panel heaters provide a smart stylish design compared to other traditional heating methods such as radiators; they work by emitting infrared radiation, which is a type of heat energy that is invisible to the human eye. The radiation is then absorbed, causing us to warm up. 
It's important to note that while Infrared panel heaters are more energy efficient, they're unable to provide warmth to the whole room compared to what a central heating system would do.
Our experts at City Plumbing have put together a trade guide to help installers everything they need to know about Infrared Panel Heaters.
What Output of Infrared Panel Heater will my Customer Need?
The output of an Infrared Panel Heater you will need for a typical customer will all depend on the size of room they want to heat. As a general rule, if your customer requires a Panel Heater for their wall, you will need 60 watts of heating output to cover 1m2, whereas installation on the ceiling will require 50 watts of heating output to cover 1m2 of space.
There are several other factors that can affect the heating capabilities of an Infrared Panel Heater; here are some additional tips to keep in mind to help assist your customer such as:
  • Measure up the size of the room.
  • Check the quality of the existing insulation in the property.
  • Take into account the temperature outside.
  • Consider the room temperature your customer typically has it set to.
Image 1 - A trade guide to Infrared Panel Heaters

How Much do Infrared Panel Heaters Cost to Run?

The average cost of running an Infrared Panel Heater all depends on a number of aspects, including the total output of the heater itself, how long the Panel Heater is used throughout the day and how well-insulated your customer's property is. 
If the customer's property is poorly insulated, the room will take much longer to heat, resulting in the Panel Heater being kept on longer which will affect their heating bills.

Do Infrared Heating Panels use a lot of Electricity?

You’d be surprised at how much electricity can be saved when using infrared panel heaters compared to other heating methods such as radiators and central heating. 
They’re a great option if your customer is looking for a cost-effective way to heat their home. This is especially true if the customer has an older heating system - in which case, infrared panel heaters can be up to 50% more efficient.

Can Infrared Panel Heaters be Installed on the Ceiling?

The short answer is yes. Infrared Panel Heaters can indeed be installed onto a ceiling; in fact, this is a popular choice among installers as it allows the panels to heat the entire room evenly. 
It is crucial to remember that if you’re installing a panel on a ceiling, you must place the heaters at least 2 feet from any walls and objects; this will help prevent heat from being reflected back and forth, which could result in the panels overheating.

Are Infrared Panel Heaters Compatible with Smart Home Devices?

There are many Infrared Panel Heaters that are compatible with smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit that all allow your customer to conveniently control their smart panels using their voice or using the smartphone app. Some of the benefits of using a smart home devices to control Infrared Panels include:
  • Quickly turn on or off the Panel Heater to adjust the temperature and set timers from anywhere.
  • Smart controls will allow your customer to set custom schedules for the heater so that it turns on and off automatically when you need it.
  • Receive alerts if the heater malfunctions or if the temperature in the customers home gets too high or too low.
Image 2 - A trade guide to Infrared Panel Heaters

Common Concerns for Infrared Panel Heaters

There are a few common concerns to keep in mind before your next installation project such as:
Safety: Although infrared panel heaters are generally considered to be safe when used properly, it's always recommended that customers should never leave a panel heater unattended at any time and an installer should always follow the manufacturer's instructions upon installation.
Cost: Infrared panel heaters can be more costly than other traditional heating methods such as radiators; however, they are more efficient, so in the long run your customer will be able to save on their energy bills.
Effectiveness: Some customers might be concerned about the effectiveness of infrared panel heaters, but in spite of that, infrared panel heaters are a much more effective way to heat a room more evenly rather than the air around them.
Installation: Be prepared, as installing an Infrared panel heater can be difficult, especially if you are not familiar with the electrical work involved.

Where can I Purchase Infrared Panel Heaters for my Customer?

At City Plumbing, we pride ourselves on being the installer's first choice for Infrared Panel Heaters. We stock a great range of Infrared Panel Heaters that come in all shapes and sizes and in many different heating outputs. With their timeless design, you can transform your customer's living space into an elegant accommodation.
Author: Alexis Webster

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