Stay Warm This Winter With a Budget Boiler

Published: 30 Oct 2023 ・ Read time: 5 mins
With winter fast approaching and the colder weather beginning to roll in, this is the time of year when many people living with old, inefficient boilers consider switching to a newer alternative.
If you're on a budget, you may be wondering how you can stay warm without breaking the bank this winter.
With the cost of living crisis still very much at the forefront of homeowners minds, many homeowners will be looking for a cheap yet reliable option for home heating.
Fortunately, many boiler manufacturers have recently introduced or updated their entry-level line ups. Take the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 1000 range, for example. Boilers like these are cheaper than their more feature-rich counterparts, but don’t sacrifice on the essentials - and will certainly save you money in the long term compared to an older, more ineffective boiler. What’s more, they’ll provide you with the warmth and reliability required to stay comfortable all winter long.
If you’re dreading the upcoming cold snap, and feel like it’s time to change - get ahead of the demand before the winter weather hits hard, and take advantage of some fantastic boiler deals in the process. 

Are New Boilers Cheaper to Run?

Did you know that a boiler's efficiency is generally determined by the age and brand of the unit?
Boiler efficiency is categorised by a percentage using an A-G rating system, with A-rated boilers providing more than 90% efficiency - whereas older boilers such as G-rated boilers are usually 65% efficient. This highlights the sheer drop in performance between an older boiler and a modern one.
Investing in a new A-grade boiler can provide significant savings on your heating bills between 20-30%, which can significantly help decrease the impact of future price hikes.

What are the Best Budget Boilers?

Gone are the days of budget boilers being a hallmark for poor performance, noisy operation, and unreliability.
Granted, you may miss out on some features, usability, and overall power - however as long as it has the power required to heat your home efficiently, many budget boilers will perform the simple task of heating up your home without issue.
Take the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 1000 range. It has everything you would expect from a Worcester Bosch boiler. Featuring an intricate design, the 1000 range takes price into consideration by offering consumers a boiler on a budget that provides excellent efficiency, allowing them to simultaneously deliver hot water for one bath and one shower.
The Greenstar 1000 is best suited for apartments and small-medium dwellings, thanks to its compact design - perfect for kitchen cupboard installations, where space is at a premium. Furthermore, the range also features a one-box design - making servicing critical components as easy as possible, including the primary heat exchanger.
The 1000 models are extremely lightweight, clocking in at a mere 26kg. This makes transporting the boiler manageable and installation a whole lot easier for one person - putting an end to any back-breaking tasks (your plumber will thank you!)
There are a lot more unique features that the Worcester Greenstar 1000 range has to offer, such as:
  • Hydraulic connections situated 35mm from the rear of the appliance are in line.
  • Centralised connection with the gas pipe tail, and PRV is ideally located for installer access.
  • Optional rear spacer frame and vertical pre-piping kit for making installation quicker and more effortlessly
  • Delivery of up to 30kW of hot water
  • Fully integrated 230v controls compatibility and easy-to-use main interface.
  • Generous five-year warranty, providing any consumer peace of mind.
Image 1 - Stay Warm This Winter With a Budget Boiler

Best Budget Boilers for Small to Medium Homes

Determining which boiler would best suit your property will come down to two important factors. 
When finding a new boiler, the two things to consider are the number of radiators you have in your property and how many bedrooms, as both will determine what power output is required.
Our heating experts recommend the Worcester Greenstar 1000 24kW combi boiler if your property has 2 bedrooms and between 5 to 10 radiators. This boiler will be able to provide you with both hot water and heating effortlessly without wasting money by overpaying for a boiler that's too big.
For larger homes with 3 or 4 bedrooms and up to 20 radiators, a larger boiler would be required and best suited to meet your heating and hot water demands. The Worcester Greenstar 1000 30kW boilers would be a perfect option to maintain a steady source of heating and hot water.
Using our helpful chart, you can discover more about which boiler would be suitable for other property sizes. 
Image 2 - Stay Warm This Winter With a Budget Boiler

Don’t Be Left Out in the Cold This Winter

With winter on the horizon, now is the best time to invest in an affordable yet reliable boiler, and avoid any unnecessary costs that an older boiler may bring.
Why not take advantage of our Trade Deals promotion and make a significant saving on our vast range of competitively priced Worcester Bosch boiler packs - allowing you to stay warm AND stick to a budget this winter.
If you require further advice regarding new boilers for your home, then get in touch with our heating experts or locate your nearest City Plumbing branch and visit in-store.

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