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Published: 09 Apr 2024 ・ Read time: 5 mins
There’s nothing more frustrating for both customers and those working in the trade than trying to get hold of correct replacement parts. 
You may find yourself needing to check that a replacement part exists mid-way through a job. Or your customer may have requested you replace worn-out parts on their current appliances.
Whatever the situation, getting the right part on time can make all the difference when it comes to completing the job, getting paid, and maintaining both a good customer-working relationship and indeed reputation.
Fortunately, City Plumbing has got you covered! Spares Finder is just one of our most popular tools that has been helping those in the trade successfully find replacement parts with ease for several years. 
Here, we briefly explore the benefits of opting to replace parts while showing you just how easy it is to access our Spares Finder.

What Is a Spares Finder?

A spares finder is a tool that helps individuals and businesses locate specific parts for a wide range of products. Whether you’re in the trade or a homeowner, a spares finder can save you both time and money by connecting you to the right replacement parts in an instant. 
Faced with the decision of whether to replace a broken part or buy a brand-new item, it can be a tough choice, especially when considering factors like cost, convenience, and sustainability. 
The City Plumbing Spares Finder tool is a place where you can search for and identify over a staggering 20,000 spare parts. With both online ordering and next-day delivery available, there’s also the option to click and collect on over 400 plumbing and heating spare parts. 
What's more, should you not be able to locate the spare part you're looking for, our expert friendly local branches can provide further support in helping you locate exactly what you need for the job. 
And, as if that wasn’t enough, Spades Finder has a selection of discounted trade products, to help keep your business on budget. 

How Does The City Plumbing Spares Finder Work?

Using our Spares Finder has never been easier! Simply head to the Spares Finder page and use one of the two search functions available. If you know the Appliance GC or Part Number you’re looking for, you can simply type it in. Or you can Search By Manufacturer and find your appliance that way. Either way, our extensive database of parts covers a vast array of sections, including:
  • Boiler spares
  • Electrical spares
  • Shower spares and accessories
  • Fire and cooker spares
  • Bathroom spares
  • Cylinder spares
  • Oil ancillary equipment and accessories
  • Water heating spares and accessories
  • Commercial HVAC
  • LPG Equipment
  • Residential controls
  • Legislation and handbooks
  • Boiler servicing kits

The Many Benefits Of Using City Plumbing’s Spares Finder Tool

Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing our Spares Finders tool for your next replacement part:
  • Trade Industry Benefits
For those working in the trade, utilising a spares finder can streamline the process of repairing and maintaining equipment. Instead of having to purchase a brand-new machine or device, you can easily locate and order the necessary parts to get your client's equipment up and running again. This not only saves time but also allows your business to offer more cost-effective solutions to customers.
  • Customer Benefits
As a customer, the benefits of using a spares finder are equally significant. Instead of throwing away a perfectly good item because of a single faulty part, homeowners can simply replace that component and extend the lifespan of a product. This not only saves them money in the long run but also reduces their environmental impact by avoiding unnecessary waste.
  • Cost-Effectiveness
One of the most obvious benefits of replacing parts rather than buying new items is cost-effectiveness. In many cases, purchasing a replacement part is much cheaper than investing in an entirely new product. This is especially true for high-end items like electronics or appliances, where a single malfunctioning component can render the entire device useless. And with the cost of living crisis still very much prominent, this benefits both trade and customers. 
  • Sustainability
In an evermore environmentally conscious world, the concept of sustainability is more important than ever. By choosing to replace parts instead of discarding entire products, we can all play a small part in contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle. Reusing existing materials helps reduce waste and conserves valuable resources, making it a greener choice for both individuals and businesses.
  • Ease of Repair
Another benefit of replacing parts is the ease of repair it provides. With the help of our spares finder, locating the right component for your specific needs is a straightforward process. You can avoid the hassle of searching for a new product, waiting for it to arrive, and dealing with the disposal of the old item. Replacing parts allows you to get your equipment back in working order quickly and efficiently.

Get the Job Part for the Job in Quick Time

Ultimately, replacing parts rather than buying new items can be cost-effective and more sustainable, thus having a long-term positive impact on both the environment and the bank balance!
With a full range of high-quality plumbing and heating spares designed to help complete every job, why not check out the City Plumbing Spares Finder for your next replacement part?

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