Smart Security: How installers can make homeowners feel more secure

Published: 31 Jul 2023 ・ Read time: 4 mins
Smart Home Security is becoming more popular than ever in the UK. With the influx of break-ins over recent years, homeowners want to feel safer and more secure in their own homes. There were over 250,000 reports of a burglary in 2022, which in contrast is a 7% rise from 2021 in England and Wales alone.
Homeowners who have already invested in Smart Home Security Systems are already benefiting from 24-hour around-the-clock security, making their life more accessible, convenient, and secure. 
Nowadays, Installers can play a pivotal role in any new Smart Security installation, helping to protect customers and providing peace of mind by being on standby, ready to help if something goes wrong. 

Britain's Break-In Problem

Home security is paramount, as mentioned above. Over recent years, the number of break-ins that have been reported in the UK has continued to soar, with a whopping 7% rise from 2021 in London alone in the festive months. 
Contrary to popular belief, while a lot of break-ins can happen at night, it is, in fact, more common for break-ins to occur in broad daylight, usually in the afternoon when the property is practically empty while you are at work or running errands.
There are some standard practices you can do first to ward off intruders without the help of Smart Devices, such as;
  • Double-lock your windows are doors.
  • Removing keys from locks.
  • Use gravel on the driveway.
  • Avoid showing off new purchases.
Image of a burglar attempting to break into a property at city plumbing

Growing popularity of Smart Security

First and foremost smart security is not only affordable, but also provides convenience for customers as they can be accessed and controlled remotely from a smart device. 
Secondly, many smart devices allow homeowners to set alarms and check on your home's security whenever convenient. 
Finally, you can access and view live video footage in real-time from any of your home security cameras.
Smart home surveillance is typically more secure than traditional surveillance because of their advanced encryption technology that can protect your data. 
They can also be combined with other devices, such as Smart Lights and Locks, to create a more extensive system for the property.
With technology continually advancing, more and more innovative Smart Security products are quickly becoming available for installers and homeowners, making it easier than ever to protect homes and families.

Popular Smart Security choices:

  • Smart Lighting Smart Lighting Solutions are great to have as they can deter unwanted guests and intruders. While you are away from the property, you can create the illusion that your property is occupied by controlling your indoor and outdoor smart bulbs. In addition, you can schedule times with smart lights to switch on at the times you desire.
  • Smart Cameras - Without a doubt, smart security cameras have become a home necessity as they can be used to observe your home for activity, even when you're not there. We stock a wide range of indoor and outdoor home security cameras, like the Ring Floodlight Cameras - These cameras are Wi-Fi enabled that can detect motion or sound that will light up the area outside to help ward off unwanted visitors. As well as that they can also provide alerts to your smart device that will keep you updated all day long. 
image of smart indoor camera at city plumbing
  • Smart Locks - Smart door locks can provide peace of mind, allowing you to lock and unlock your doors from anywhere. Smart locks can also let you create a temporary access code for guests.
  • Smart Doorbells Smart doorbells, like the Google Nest range, allow you to see who's at your door without getting up to answer. Usually, Smart Doorbells are Wi-Fi enabled that feature a two-way-talk feature which enables you to speak to visitors through the doorbell's speaker and microphone.

Smart Future Proof Solution

Smart Security is still a relatively new technology but undoubtedly has the potential to be very future-proof for all homeowners and business owners. With technology continuously developing, Smart security systems are constantly revamped with new features and capabilities, allowing them to keep up with the latest dangers and security challenges.
Smart Security Devices will meet the needs of any size property or business and have become much more affordable in recent years. Furthermore, they are an excellent option if you are looking for a new way to safeguard your residence or business.
By making customers aware of these benefits, installers can have a real influence when it comes to improving home protection and additionally deter criminal activity in contrast to standard home security.
Without a doubt, there has never been a more critical time to take advantage of this ever-growing sector; installers can simultaneously maximise profits and increase customer satisfaction.
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