Smart Home Heating Controls: A Guide for Homeowners

Published: 04 Mar 2022 ・ Read time: 4 mins
Smart controls are quickly becoming a must have for any home to provide increased control over your heating and ultimately save you money on your heating bills. With the inclusion of Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home it’s becoming easier and easier to control every part of your house. Heating controls are one of the simpler ways you can lower your heating bills while having complete control over how your heating works for you. This heating control guide will show the benefits that come with a modern smart heating system.

An Homeowner's Guide to Smart Heating Controls

Digital controls help create a more efficient system, as they help regulate what time the boiler comes on, and stops you having to manually jump between different temperatures. A more efficient system means your boiler doesn’t have to work as hard. As such, installing a smart thermostat can lower your heating bills and ensures your system lasts longer.
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Smart thermometers provide a clearer and more intuitive display than traditional home themometers. Gone are the days of confusing menus and bewildering setups, as the digital display makes it quick and easy to check and regulate your home’s temperature. Smart thermometers also come with an easy to use mobile app that allows you to effortlessly change the temperature in your home without having to move from your seat. Some thermometers such as the Nest will also learn your heating patterns to make your house as comfortable as possible without the need for human interaction.
Remote access allows you to interact with the controls no matter where you are, as long as you have a working internet connection. If you’ve forgotten to switch your smart controls to holiday mode when you’re about to board your your flight, you can simply do it via the app.
You can set up specific modes to suit your every day. Are you on holiday? Is it your normal working day or is it your Sunday lie in? You can set up different modes depending on your heating and hot water needs. As it sets up different times and different temperatures depending on which mode you want it to flick to the next day.
Smart heating controls shouldn’t necessarily be your first port of call when trying to create a more efficient heating system. In order to get the most out of your heating controls you need to have a modern up-to-date boiler and suitable house insulation as, without those, you won’t be saving as much energy as you can. Once you have updated your boiler and insulation – then it is time to think about installing smart heating controls.
Smart heating controls are only the start to turn your house into a fully smart and more comfortable place to live. There’s a whole host of other products you can connect together, be they smart cameras and doorbells for increased security around the home. You even have the ability to control your lighting from a smart hub to lower electricity costs.
Smart controls are an ever growing business and fast becoming a way to effectively track your heating and hot water usage, regulating and making the most out of your system. Smart thermostats are certainly one of the best ways to keep an eye on your heating and hot water bills.
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