Does Your Customer’s Shower Pump Need Replacing?

Published: 18 Mar 2024 ・ Read time: 5 mins
A shower pump can greatly improve the showering experience for those homeowners who experience low water pressure. By boosting the water pressure, shower pumps actively increase water volume through the pipes to create a powerful flow.
Over time, these ingenious devices will show signs of wear and tear and ultimately need replacing. Yet, shower pumps have an average lifespan of eight to ten years, so spotting the tell-tale signs of an inefficient shower pump can sometimes be difficult for customers.
City Plumbing offers a large selection of shower pumps to ensure homeowners never need to miss out on quality showers. Here, we briefly highlight several signs that suggest it’s time to replace that shower pump.

5 Signs a Shower Pump Needs Replacing

1. Customer Is Experiencing Low Water Pressure: If customers have noticed a drop or decrease in their water pressure when using the shower, it could be a sign that their shower pump is failing.
Over time, when these pumps wear out, they become less effective at offering a good shower pump pressure level to boost water pressure. Low water pressure is frustrating for homeowners as it makes the overall showering experience less enjoyable
2. The Shower Pump Shows Signs of Frequent Cycling: If homeowners discover that their shower pump is turning on and off frequently, they could well be struggling to maintain water pressure. This can also indicate a problem within the pump that requires replacing.
3. There Are Strange Noises Coming From the Pump: Many homeowners ask are shower pumps noisy. As the water is moved through them at speed, obviously most shower pumps make some noise.
But, it’s when unusual noises start coming from the shower pump, such as banging or humming or sounds that weren't originally heard before, that indicates that there’s a problem with the pump.
These noises could be a sign of worn-out components or mechanical issues suggesting a malfunctioning pump, all of which need addressing.
4. Customer Has Discovered Leaks Around the Pump: When homeowners begin to spot leaks around the shower pump, it could be a sign of a damaged seal or a crack in the pump casing.
Such issues will need addressing promptly as they can lead to mould growth and further water damage if left unchecked over time. To prevent further issues from occurring, a replacement pump may be needed here. 
5. There Are Noticeably Inconsistent Water Temperatures When Showering: A faulty shower pump can cause fluctuations in water temperature, making it difficult to maintain a comfortable showering experience.
If customers are reporting that their shower water is either too hot or too cold, it may be time to replace the pump.

How to Replace a Shower Pump

Here are the few simple steps involved in shower pump installation
  • Turn off the water supply: Before replacing the pump, make sure to turn off the water supply to prevent any leaks or flooding.
  • Disconnect the old pump: Carefully disconnect the old pump from the water supply and electrical connections, taking note of how it’s installed.
  • Install the new pump: Install the new pump in the same location as the old one, ensuring that it’s securely connected to the water supply and electrical system.
  • Test the new pump: Once the new pump is installed, test it to ensure that it's functioning properly and providing adequate water pressure.

Shower Pumps for Sale at City Plumbing

City Plumbing offers a wide selection of shower pumps designed to help you get the best choice for your customer. Here are just a few of our best-sellers:
Boasting crossover technology, the Salamander shower pump is suitable for use in a wide range of shower types and is a quieter, more efficient choice. 
Offering a boost of powerful performance and enhancing the showering experience, the Grundfos shower pump provides fantastic additional features for improved protection and increased durability.
With anti-vibration couplers, the Stuart Turner shower pump is a high-quality and high-performance choice offering a boost to the water supply as required. 

A New Shower Pump Greatly Improves the Showering Experience

Ignoring issues with a shower pump can lead to more significant problems down the line. A failing pump can put a strain on a home’s plumbing system, leading to leaks, water damage, and costly repairs.
By addressing problems with the shower pump promptly and replacing it when necessary, you can help homeowners avoid these issues and ensure that their shower continues to function correctly.
If you want to help your customers select the best shower pump, take a look at our City Plumbing website. 
For further guidance on helping customers navigate the cost of living, our sought-after help and advice section offers plentiful information.

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