Scotland’s 2024 Gas Boiler Legislation Changes Explained

Published: 20 Jul 2023 ・ Read time: 4 mins
From April 2024, Scotland plans to prohibit the installation of gas boilers in new buildings as part of its commitment to make all buildings net zero carbon emissions by 2045.
The changes will apply to both domestic and non-domestic buildings, meaning that direct emissions heating systems, such as gas boilers, will no longer be installed in new buildings. Instead, they will be replaced by renewable or renewable-compatible options, such as heat pumps, biomass heating, electric boilers, and electric heaters.
Hydrogen-ready boilers will not be exempt from the ban in Scotland. This is because they still operate on natural gas and will continue to produce emissions, even if the UK decides to blend hydrogen into the gas network at a rate of 20%. 
Existing buildings undergoing a conversion could also be affected in certain circumstances.

What does this mean for homeowners?

The new legislation is a significant step forward in Scotland's fight against climate change. Heating is one of Scotland's most significant sources of home emissions, so the new gas boiler legislation will help reduce emissions and take steps towards Scotland’s infrastructure no longer being reliant on fossil fuels.
Here are some key benefits of the upcoming changes:
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions to help meet climate change targets
  • Improved air quality, especially in cities, as a result of less overall emissions
  • Potential for customers to save money on energy bills
Illustration of house as a metaphor for eco living at city plumbing

Impact of the 2024 boiler legislation 

Patrick Harvie, who is the co-leader for the Green Party and minister for zero carbon buildings in Scotland, praised the regulations as “another example of Scotland leading the way in addressing the big challenges that we need to solve to meet our net zero targets and making sure we have buildings that meet the needs of the 21st century”.
He continued, saying: “This is an important and sensible change to how we heat new builds going forward. By ensuring these homes have low emission heating systems from day one, it reduces the impact on the climate, but also protects future owners from volatile fossil fuel prices’’.
Scottish property owners that use gas boilers as their primary heating source will not have to worry come 2024
The new legislation will only affect new build buildings and potentially buildings undergoing conversion as they will require a renewable heating appliance installed.
It's important to consider that while the legislation changes on gas boilers could present some difficulties, as many individuals may worry about the costs of replacing their heating systems, the Scottish government has promised to offer financial assistance to aid consumers in transitioning to these alternatives.
This is a great example of Scotland leading the way by meeting the challenges that need to be solved to hit net zero targets head-on. 
By making sure that buildings meet 21st century needs in a sustainable, renewable-friendly way, installers have more opportunities than ever before to become renewable installers
If you would like more information about the upcoming changes in Scotland, get in touch with our heating experts or visit your local City Plumbing branch.

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