Radiator Trends in 2019

Published: 03 Mar 2022 ・ Read time: 4 mins
The first closed water heating system, invented by Jean Simon Bannemain in 1777, wasn’t created for the home and was in fact created for incubating chicken eggs. Fast forward 80 years and you come face to face with the first more recognisable home heating system, the Hot Box. Created by Franz San Galli in St Petersburg, it revolutionised how we heat the home, but it still wasn’t the design that we recognise today. The Bundy Loop in 1872 proved the most successful and paved the way for radiator designs today. The classic look is one of a number of trends we’re seeing in the world of design today.


One particular trend across interior design in 2019 is a more stripped back and rustic look. This includes the likes of wooden floors, stone or concrete walls, more daylight and plantlife. With this comes a more traditional look. Column radiators are perfect to provide a striking focal point of a room, while providing enough output for a cosy and comfortable room. As long as space allows, the bigger the radiator the better, either a 3 column radiator or a 4 column radiator will provide a definitive statement.
With a more rustic style comes a stripped back look with all radiator valves, piping and additions. To suit the traditional design, no longer is everything chrome plated, instead bronze, copper and brass are the accessories of choice.

Smart Controls

As sustainability and being environmentally conscious trends upwards, so does the desire for smart thermostats and smart radiator valves. Precise control over a radiator’s output allows the user to help regulate their heating bills, programming exactly when they want their rooms heated and ultimately using less energy. One of the bigger trends within 2019 is incorporating nature into the room and trying to be as sustainable as possible. There isn’t an easier way of being more sustainable as with smart rad valves. The Tado smart radiator thermostat is a brilliant example of mixing minimal digital design with great performance, making it one of the best thermostatic radiator valves on the market.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern design isn’t new, it started taking over in 2018, but a more subdued look is advised for 2019. City Plumbing stock a number of designer radiators suitable for a mid-century modern design. A bold panel radiator provides a nice sleep design, while keeping the high quality output many expect from a modern radiator. Mid-century modern provides the sleek lines and a minimalist design that boasts longevity.

Tall Radiators

Tall radiators are becoming more and more popular, as a design standpoint, and for good use of space. We have had taller radiators for a while now, with the likes of towel radiator being a mainstay in most modern bathrooms. Tall radiators are becoming increasingly popular as a statement within a room, but also as an accompaniment to the overall design, including fitting in with the mid-century modern motif.
Tall radiators also provide an option in areas with minimal space. Instead of installing a long radiator across a room, you can install it in a slimmer space, providing similar outputs as standard shaped radiators.
No matter which design is chosen and no matter the size and shape of your room, City Plumbing stock a large range of column radiators, panel radiators, towel radiators and designer radiators. If you’re aiming for a traditional stripped back and rustic style, or if you would prefer a mid-century modern room, we can help you build the right look.

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