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Published: 21 Mar 2022 ・ Read time: 7 mins
No matter what your heating project is, you are going to want the best possible solution for the job. If you are installing radiators, then there are so many brands on the market to choose from. Although they aren’t new to the market, Halcyon radiators deserve to be talked about. Halcyon are some of the best made radiators available in the UK, and represent some of the best design in compact heating. There is no doubt about it - Halcyon have a reputation for excellence as being a versatile radiator.
Today we’re going to look closer at the Halcyon radiator, what it is, what it can do, and what makes them worth your attention
Halycyon radiators

What is a Halcyon Radiator?

Halcyon radiators are a brand of radiators, exclusive to City Plumbing. They are a range of well-made compact radiators and designed to be as efficient as possible. There are three types available:
  • Single Convector K1 Compact Radiators
  • Double Convectors K2 Compact Radiator
  • Double Panel Plus P+ Compact Radiators
Within those types, each comes in a variety of different sizes and thus can cater to different levels of BTU.
There are a few features that all Halcyon radiators have in common. For instance, they all come with a 10 year warranty. They all come with the fittings needed to attach them to the wall, and they are all finished to RAL9016, making them suitable for central heating systems. They are all guaranteed to work to a maximum pressure of 145psi.
When delivering all Halcyon radiators we ensure that they are protected as much as possible during the transportation process.
All Halcyon radiators have those factors in common, but what are the different varieties? Where do they differ?

What BTU/h can Halcyon radiators provide?

As an installer or a plumber, you will know that BTU is the British thermal unit, a measurement that shows how long it takes for one pound of water to be raised in temperature by one degree Fahrenheit. It is calculated with water by the flow rate in GPM, of water, multiplied by result of the temperature leaving process minus the temperature process. This is then multiplied by 500.4. The formula changes slightly with other fluids, but for water it’s fairly simple.
What this means is the higher the BTU the faster a radiator will heat a room (assuming the room doesn’t change in size).
The Halcyon compact radiator range comes with radiators that are designed for every type of room. These range in power from 880 BTU to 9376 BTU, meaning they can be used to heat different sized rooms. This scope actually makes the Halcyon range incredibly versatile, and the right radiator can be used to heat a room efficiently.

What sizes do Halcyon radiators come in?

Like with the range in BTU, Halcyon radiators come in several different sizes, ranging from small to large. The smallest radiator in the Halcyon range is only 300x400mm, meaning it can fit into the smallest of spaces. On the contrary, the largest radiator within the range is a Double Convector K2 Compact Radiator, coming in at 700x1400mm.
The scope of different sizes means that Halcyon radiators are not only a wise choice from a BTU perspective, but it means that aesthetically they have range to fit a number of different room styles.
Between those two sizes, there is a Halcyon radiator to fit. They come as narrow as 300mm, as wide as 1600mm, and every size in between.

What panel types do Halcyon radiators come in?

Halcyon radiators come as one of three different panel types. They come as a single convector compact radiator, double convectors, and a double panel plus. How all three of these works is slightly different.
Single Convector K1 Compact Radiators tend to emit less heat than double convector radiators and this is due to how they are built. Single convector compact radiators have a single panel and one set of fins that conduct heat. This reduces the surface area the single convector radiators have to omit heat, making them ideal for smaller rooms.
Halcyon double radiator
That being said, larger Single Convector K1 Compact Radiators can effectively heat bigger rooms, being able to produce up to 1,534 watts of energy, or up to 5,234 BTU.
Double Convector K2 Compact Radiators have two set of fins and almost double the heating capability of single convector radiators. As a comparison, a 700x1400mm single convector radiator produces 5,234 BTU. The like-for-like comparison, with a double convector at 700x1400mm produces 9,376 BTU. For some rooms this would be overheating, but for larger rooms it could be absolutely perfect. This means the double convector produces 1.8x the amount of heat of its single convector counterpart.
Generally speaking, a double convector is a good way of fitting almost double the amount of heat into a room, meaning the size of the radiator can be reduced for aesthetic purposes.
Finally, we have the Double Panel Plus P+ Compact Radiators, which also have a double panel and one set of fins, but with emphasis on space saving. Double Panel Plus P+ radiators are designed to hug the wall and be as unobtrusive as possible.

Halcyon Radiators: Versatile and Varied

Throughout this exploration of the Halcyon range of radiators there should be two things that are apparent. The first is that the Halcyon range is well thought through and the second is that no matter what room you need to heat, no matter what your project is, there is a Halcyon radiator to help.
Secondly, Halcyon are a superb range, offering cost effective and yet stylish heating options. Not only is there a BTU for every room, but with so sizes available there is a radiator for every room.
With radiators starting at £12.59+VAT, we have a wide range to choose from. Explore our Halcyon Radiators today.

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