How you can Benefit with a Smart Doorbell

Published: 24 Aug 2023 ・ Read time: 6 mins
With the influx of Smart Technology in recent years, it's no secret that Smart Home devices have changed the way we live our lives day to day.
Most homeowners and business owners who are first introduced to smart technology often opt for a small simple device for starters, just to test the water - such as a Smart Doorbell.
Smart Doorbells are a great first smart product for many homes, as they offer a strong first layer of security against intruders, parcel thieves, or any other unwanted visitors. In this article, we discuss how smart doorbells work, the features they offer, the key differences between wired and wireless models, and how to install a smart doorbell.

How do Smart Doorbells Work?

Smart doorbells work by simply connecting to your home Wi-Fi network and providing complete control using a mobile app to allow you to see, hear, and speak to visitors all from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. 
Smart Doorbells can even be programmed to record a small video using a combination of small sensors. 
Anytime motion is detected at the front door or when the doorbell is pressed, an alert will be sent to your phone so you can watch in real-time. 
Some smart doorbells, such as Ring doorbells, have an up-and-coming feature called Motion Warning. This new feature will notify visitors that they have triggered the motion detection zone and will alert them that they are being recorded.

What types of Smart Doorbells are there?

Two main types of smart doorbells - wired and battery-powered. Both offer a vast range of unique features…
Wired Smart Doorbells
Wired smart doorbells are connected to your home's electrical wiring and have a constant power source, like the Google Nest Video Doorbell. This means they don't need to be charged, but they can be more challenging to install.
Wired doorbells are suitable for those who prefer a more conventional approach and a classic and simple aesthetic. One of the main differences is that you won't need to worry about checking on the battery life and having to charge it every so often.
image of a smart doorbell attached to the wall at city plumbing
image of smart doorbell on wall city plumbing
Battery-powered Smart Doorbells 
Smart Doorbells like the Ring Pro Video Smart Doorbell are powered by batteries, so they can be installed anywhere. The batteries inside can be easily charged as the doorbell is equipped with a compatible charging cable. 
It is important to note that the battery life will drain quicker depending on how frequent your motion alerts are and how long your doorbell will record video when motion is detected.
Regardless of which type of doorbell you look to buy, both will typically come with similar features as each other, such as:
  • Two Way Talking
  • Live View
  • Motion Video Recording
  • Motion Detection
  • Custom Sound Alerts
  • Custom Motion Zones

How to Install a Smart Doorbell?

Installing a smart doorbell is a relatively straightforward process that can be done in just a few steps. All you would typically need is the doorbell kit, a hammer, a drill, screws, and a screwdriver. We can begin the installation process once you have gathered the necessary tools.
We have compiled a step-by-step installation guide for installing a wired smart doorbell. There're a few extra steps to discuss, but generally, the process is the same in contrast to the battery version, but we will highlight the differences. 

Step 1:

Turn off the electricity via the breaker box.

Step 2:

If you are replacing an existing doorbell, you can use your current doorbell system. It is essential to ensure the system's specifications can power your new doorbell.

Step 3:

Open the doorbell chime box and remove the cover. Proceed to loosen the screws to disconnect your old doorbell wires.

Step 4:

This next step all depends on the brand of smart doorbell you are installing, but usually included in the box is a bypass cable or connector puck.

Step 5: 

Insert the existing wires into the existing ports on the connector. This is so your new smart doorbell will work correctly. 

Step 6: 

Now you can remove your old doorbell. Unscrew the doorbell from the wall and disconnect the wires on the back.

Step 7: 

Depending on the doorbell type, you can mark up the screw hole locations on the wall and make a mark of them both. Some doorbells have a separate mounting bracket, but this is mainly for battery-operated doorbells.

Step 8:

Now you have marked up the screw holes, you can directly connect the doorbell wires to the back of your smart doorbell.

Step 9:

Now you can proceed to drill the holes in the wall. It is important to note that if you are drilling into brick or concrete, a 6mm masonry bit is recommended to pre-drill the holes, then insert the included wall plugs. If you are installing on a wood surface, then you don't need to worry.

Step 10:

Now you can screw your new smart doorbell to the wall using the mounting screws.

Step 11:

Now you can switch on your electrics via the break box, and your new doorbell should work. You can now set your doorbell up using the compatible app.
For battery-operated doorbells, once the mounting bracket has been drilled into the wall, you can attach the doorbell to the bracket. Typically, you must follow the setup instructions via the app to connect the smart doorbell to your home Wi-Fi.

Smart Doorbell FAQs

Are Smart Doorbells Worth it?

Smart doorbells are definitely worth it for most homeowners. They offer a combination of benefits to make your life easier and safer. Smart doorbells provide convenience, security and peace of mind knowing you can see who is at your door anytime.
Overall, if you're looking for a quick and inexpensive way to improve your home security and stay connected to your front door, considering a smart doorbell is absolutely worth it.

Can Smart Doorbells be hacked?

Sadly, smart doorbells can be vulnerable to hacks if not adequately secured. Hackers can access the device's camera and microphone, allowing them to spy on your home and steal sensitive information. 
Hackers can gain access through the use of weak passwords, phishing attacks and security vulnerabilities; for example - if your doorbell firmware is not updated, then it could be exploited.
It's essential to use strong passwords and keep your firmware up to date to prevent hacking attempts. 

Can Smart Doorbells be Stolen?

Unfortunately, there is a chance that your smart doorbell could be stolen; however, some doorbells, particularly battery doorbells, come with their own specially designed security screws for securing your smart doorbell, preventing them from being stolen.
These screws are usually star-shaped and will come with their own specially designed screwdriver so you can remove the doorbell from the mounting bracket anytime. 
From my experience,Smart Doorbells are an excellent addition to my home security. They allow me to see who is at my front door at any time without having to open the front door itself. This is particularly useful if you wish to avoid any unwanted visitors.
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