Strike While it’s Hot: How to prepare for the Heating Season

Published: 15 Aug 2023 ・ Read time: 4 mins
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By Peter Boakes, Head of Business Development
Every year it’s the same. The cold snap starts, homeowners make a beeline for their thermostats (which have been turned down to 0° for months), only to be faced with an error message when they try to crank up the heating. Cue frantic calls to plumbers up and down the country – just at the time when most are fully booked and unable to respond immediately.
There is, however, a solution. 
At City Plumbing, we’re finding that more and more plumbers, installers and heating engineers are getting around this perennial problem by using the slower summer months to ensure their customers are ready for Boiler Switch On Day, which is on 16 October this year. 

Choose a year-round partner

By letting customers know that summer is the perfect time for system MOT (boiler checks, whole system flushing, CO alarm fitting, insulation, etc), it’s possible to spread the work and avoid a bottleneck in autumn.
It also means customers aren’t left sitting in the freezing cold while their systems are repaired.
For that strategy to work as smoothly as possible, it’s essential to have access to a great supplier, one that makes it easy to obtain quality products and ensures the availability of necessary parts and materials.
They should also be able to provide expert advice, pass on any cost savings, maintain project timelines and stay up-to-date with industry advancements. 
At City Plumbing, we pride ourselves on being a reliable supplier and a valuable partner for plumbers, installers and heating engineers, supporting their work and helping them deliver high-quality solutions to their clients.
We work with industry tradespeople all over the country to make sure they’re fully equipped to maximise their businesses all year round.
We have unrivalled stock supplies and can immediately provide most parts from any of our 370 branches. What's more, our impressive supplier network means we can get our hands on pretty much anything within a very short timescale. 
Image of two city plumbing employees delivering a boiler.

How to get parts when you need them

Our tailored Spares Finder tool makes the whole process so much easier. We have an incredible selection of over 20,000 spare parts from more than 160 reputable manufacturers. Simply search by appliance Gas Council number, part number or make and model, to find the spares quickly and effectively. Once you’ve found the required parts, you can use our same-day click-and-collect service
Or, if you prefer to order online, place your order by 6pm for next-day delivery. From essential boiler parts and heating components to shower equipment, we’ve got you covered.
As a trade customer, you can also create a cash or credit account to make the most of Spares Finder, as well as all our other trade account benefits.

Avoid the Heating Season rush: Take control of your calendar

A summer tune-up will make sure your customers are less likely to have to rely on emergency repair services at peak times. The last thing customers want in winter is to have to look for emergency repair services – and there’s no better way to deal with emergency repairs than to avoid them altogether.
For the best quality plumbing supplies from reputable manufacturers, find your local City Plumbing branch or contact our team. You can access our Spares Finder, too.

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